The Power of Writing!

The Power of Writing!

Today, we’re diving into the amazing world of writing and how it has the power to inspire and connect people,

So, what motivates people to write?

People write to express thoughts and emotions, and as a means to share information, tell stories, document experiences, explore creative ideas, or as a means of self-expression.

One way to do this, is to write books in order to share knowledge, dive deeply into a subject, or tell a captivating story.

Of course, there are other writing genres that offer therapeutic benefits and provide a gateway to unleash one’s creativity, such as:

1. Memoir Journaling

Memoir journaling invites us to reflect on our journey, and document past experiences from our own perspective. It’s a collection of short stories with an opportunity to dive deeply into our emotions.

Suggested Book: “Memoir as Medicine: The Healing Power of Writing Your Messy, Imperfect, Unruly (but Gorgeously Yours) Life Story” by Nancy Slonim Aronie

2. Manifestation Journaling

Manifestation Journaling is about crafting your daily desires allowing you to set detailed daily intentions about people you’ll meet, the weather, or opportunities, which helps build a positive outlook.

Suggested Book: “Manifestation Journal for Beginners: An Introduction to Harnessing the Law of Attraction & Journal for Creating the Life You Want” by Lauri Albert.

3. Blogging

A blog post is a short, informal article or piece of writing published on a website that shares information, about a specific topic. Blogging is a great way to connect with others, and make a positive impact.

Recommended Book: “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley

4. Personal Essay

Personal essays are autobiographical and share knowledge, or insights about what the author believes about a topic, kind of like having a conversation. They’re usually shorter in length, ranging from a few hundred words to a few thousand words.

Recommended Book: “Crafting The Personal Essay: A Guide for Writing and Publishing Creative Non-Fiction” by Dinty W. Moore.

5. Short Stories

A short story is a brief work of fiction that focuses on a single plot, character, or theme, and can usually be read in one sitting. Short stories can be about a character’s adventure, a particular situation, or a message.

Recommended Book: “How to Write Short Stories And Use Them to Further Your Writing Career” by James Scott Bell

6. Poetry

Poetry can stir a reader’s imagination, by arranging language for its meaning, sound, and rhythm. There’s a narrative which tells a story, dramatic like in a play, and lyric poetry which expresses a person’s state of mind.

Recommended Book: “The Poet’s Companion” by Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux

Speaking of poetry, I encourage you to watch my interview with the fabulous Beverly M. Collins, who generously shares her wisdom on the art of writing, and presents some of her finest creations.

Click to listen to the podcast!


The Power of Writing!At times, you may experience writer’s block. It happens to all of us. What am I going to write about?

Well, this is where prompts come in!

A writing prompt is an idea that kickstarts your writing, kind of a creative challenge to finish the story or write more, and can be found on virtual writing communities, or even in Pinterest.

You just have to look around.

Journaling prompts can be specific questions or statements that encourage you to reflect on a particular topic, theme, or aspect of your life. Journal prompts can also be general, and can be designed to help you explore a wide range of topics and experiences” according to

Writing prompts activate your creative brain, and help you propel your writing forward, and using a timer may help you stay focused.

Here are a couple examples of prompts!

Last time I went to the store…

When I was a teenager, we had a dog that…

Basically, you just complete the sentence and then elaborate as long as you want to, even if it’s just for five minutes.

You can even create a daily writing prompt habit, and set a 5 minute timer each time.

Additionally, visual writing prompts, like photographs, paintings, or even a magazine collage, can serve as powerful catalysts, inspiring content.

Watch video about the power of writing!

You can listen to the podcast here!

Writing is Meditative!

The Power of Writing!Writing can be a meditative practice, keeping us in the moment by requiring our full attention, and provides a safe space to explore emotions, and express thoughts in order to grow.

I’ve written “how to” books, and have been blogging about healthy living and personal growth for over a decade.

I also founded a small group for women writers that meet in person or on zoom once a week.

Some are writing novels, some are working on their memoirs, and others are focused on short stories or journaling.

Our group is a place to socialize once a week, and enjoy an hour of quiet writing time, without distractions.

So, whether it’s journaling, creating a blog post, or writing poetry or a memoir, there really is something for everyone.

Writing contributes to wellness, serving as a valuable outlet for expressing emotions, reducing stress, and promoting personal growth.

It also sparks creativity, fosters mindfulness, and offers therapeutic benefits for coping with life’s challenges.

In essence, writing is a powerful tool that supports wellness and promotes self-care.


TOPIC: The Power of Writing!


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