5 Ways to Prepare For the Workday Ahead!

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Do you prepare for the workday ahead or does your morning routine resemble this?

  • Take a shower
  • Style hair
  • Apply makeup
  • Make breakfast and lunch
  • Assemble lunches
  • Feed the pets
  • Look for misplaced keys, a hidden purse, and a lost laptop?

Do you scramble morning after morning and wonder why you’re stressed during the workday?

There’s an easier way and it takes less than half an hour each night.

The key to waking up early, and full of energy, is to prepare the night before” according to Calendar.com.

The way to do this is to create a new nightly time management habit and organize anything you’ll need in the morning, the night before.

Here are 5 ways to prepare for the workday ahead:

  1. Lay out clothes, jewelry, and makeup wherever you get ready in the morning.
  2. Make your lunch and have it available to grab and go.
  3. Put your keys, purse and laptop together near the door closest to your car
  4. Set out breakfast items on counter so you can assemble quickly
  5. If you have animals, set food, meds and bowls in one place to easily handle in the morning

Once you implement this new nightly routine, you may get more sleep, have more energy and create less confusion.

It’s an important step in creating your own self-care!

Now you can relax on the drive to work, and enjoy the scenery instead of being stressed out!

You’ll have more energy to ease into and enjoy your day.

How do you organize your day? Leave a comment below!

TOPIC: 5 Ways to Prepare For the Workday Ahead!

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