Why Visiting A Virtual Doctor Could Be An Easy Option!

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We’ve all tried to avoid colds, but sometimes no matter what we do, we still get sick. Have you ever needed medical care, but were too sick to drive to the doctor’s office?

Sometimes the flu strikes and the last thing we want to do is to “get in the car” for a doctor visit.

It’s not uncommon for a long wait in the lobby, as well as inside the exam room.

This seems to be a common occurrence and frankly, it’s tough spending only 15 minutes in your appointment and even more time waiting, especially if you are on a lunch break.

We’ve all heard of online classes, banking, shopping and workouts, wasn’t it just a matter of time that we would see online medical care?

There’s a new online medical care company called Doctor On Demand.

Doctor on Demand is comprised of a network of real doctors and currently treat people online who currently live throughout the United States.

Using the Doctor on Demand app you’ll be able to access a physician within minutes!

All you need is a smartphone, computer or tablet with a front-facing camera to schedule and conduct a video visit with Doctor On Demand.

Every doctor is U.S. trained and board-certified.

Just like an in-person visit, they will take your history, perform an exam and recommend a treatment plan.

According to the American Medical Association, up to 70% of doctor office visits are merely informational and unnecessary and could be avoided with a phone or e-mail consultation.

The providers will give you professional advice to help you make an informed decision, rather than trying to self-diagnose.

If you need a prescription, the app allows them to send it to the pharmacy of your choice.

Some ailments require immediate hands-on care, or cannot be accurately diagnosed remotely such as:

    • Traumatic brain or spinal cord injury
    • Chest pain and/or numbness
    • Vomiting or coughing blood
    • Lacerations
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Multiple broken bones
    • Severe burns
    • Pediatric ear infections

Sometimes we are under stress and need to speak with a professional, who can just listen and guide us by giving us the proper tools necessary to feel better.

Good news!

Doctor on Demand also treats Mental Health conditions!

Online counseling is comfortable and convenient without experiencing the pressure of a face to face meeting.

You still meet with a live person but in your own surroundings, which is convenient especially if you are on vacation!

Advantages for Online care:

    • Lower cost than some copays
    • No long waits
    • Immediate care
    • No germs from others in waiting rooms
    • Save gas
    • No carting the kids around

Like Doctors On Demand, iTherapy offers online video, chat, and phone counseling.

Online services may be covered on your insurance plan.

There are different rates depending on what type of license the counselor carries.

Check with your insurance provider.

Would an online doctor visit be of interest to you?  Please share your thoughts below!

TOPIC: Why Visiting A Virtual Doctor Could Be An Easy Option!

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