Play an Instrument by Adding a Nighttime Routine!

nighttime routine ukulele

The ukulele is the instrument of peace.
— Jake Shimabukuro

Do you play an instrument? I dabbled with the piano many years ago, but never took lessons.

❤️ For Valentine’s Day in 2021, my husband gave me a beautiful teal colored ukulele. It’s something I’d been wanting, so it was the perfect gift!

⏰ Each night after exercising on the Pilates reformer, I committed to at least 5 minutes of learning how to play.

Starting out small, kept the habit alive and I was able to play for at least 5 minutes no matter what.

Watch a little sample here:

🎸 Once I created the nighttime routine of strumming the ukulele, the chords became easier to play, even though my forefinger was a little numb.

😊 Now I have little rubber finger covers that I wish I would’ve discovered earlier. Thank you Amazon!

 It Sits in a Stand on my Desk!

💻 The 3 and 4 chord songs that I’m learning, are located on my computer, which makes it very easy to play whenever I want to.

🎵 By the way, if you know of any, I’m always searching for 3 or 4 chord (older) songs on YouTube, so I can learn even more songs.

Do you play an instrument? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Play an Instrument by Adding a Nighttime Routine!

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2 thoughts on “Play an Instrument by Adding a Nighttime Routine!

  1. What a great idea! Perhaps it’s time for me to dig my old guitar out of the back of the closet! I can commit to a few minutes a day. Now that I know about finger protectors via Amazon that has eliminated one cause of my resistance! P.S. Like your teal ukulele!

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