How to Be Creative If You Can’t Travel!

Plastic Pool Mexico

As we all know, these are uncertain times and traveling, as we know it, has changed!

The CDC says “social distancing is difficult on crowded flights, and sitting within 6 feet of others, sometimes for hours, may increase your risk of getting COVID-19“.

Despite the risks, some people still travel and wear masks, and others feel it’s too risky which is understandable.

Staying home has caused lots of anxiety especially for those who are used to traveling frequently.

Then there are some who choose to not let it affect them in a negative way.

They practice much needed self-care, use their creativity, and decide to enjoy the uncertain times despite the fact that they aren’t traveling.

Make The Best of a Situation!

We have friends who always choose to make the best of every situation, and this includes traveling.

One place they travel to yearly is Mexico, just not this year!

What did my creative friends choose to do instead?

They took a week’s vacation and brought Mexico into their own home!!

They called it Mexi-Can’t!

The entire sun room was transformed into Mexi-Can’t, complete with banners, signage, and all kinds of Mexico decor and even a plastic pool outside!

So creative, right?

Bring All Travel Into Your Own Home!

They are planning on doing this for other vacations that are on hold for now and said that next time they will be going to Maui!

Looking forward to seeing those pictures!

Why not start a new habit of being creative with your thoughts and do something you’ve never done before?

How do you make the best of everything during uncertain times?

Do you let circumstances stop you in your tracks or do find a way to be creative?

Please share your story!

TOPIC: How to Be Creative If You Can’t Travel!

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