Create a Daily Thought Download in 5 Easy Steps!

journal with pen

Do you have thoughts swimming around in your head that keep you anxious and awake at night?

It might be time to focus more on exactly “what” you are thinking and why.

A thought download or “brain dump”, gets everything out of your head and onto paper.

Thoughts create our reality and we want to be aware of what we’re thinking.

We become self-aware and self-awareness involves monitoring our stress, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.


🤔 Get a piece of paper (and a pencil or pen) or use your favorite journal app such as Day One, which is a journal app that has the ability to sync and password protect each of your Apple devices with ready made templates, or you can create your own. Day Book works the same for Android devices.
🧐 Set a timer and spend 5-10 minutes each day writing down your thoughts.
🤔 Do not edit them and write until the time is up!
🧐 Review the thoughts that don’t serve you and see if you can find better replacement thoughts.
🤔 Become curious about your thoughts and if they’re true and what they mean.

A daily thought download is an excellent habit to start, if you haven’t already!

You might even find it helpful to put thoughts into a journal each day before meditating.

Train Your Brain!

How to Create a Daily Thought Download in 5 Easy Steps!Our brains can be trained to focus on and generate better thoughts through asking meaningful questions.

They have a natural inclination to respond to questions.

When we ask our brains positive questions, they provide positive answers.

Asking negative questions tends to lead to negative answers.

Cultivating a habit of asking constructive questions may lead to improved sleep, reduced stress levels, a calmer disposition, and a reduction in anxiety.

Creating a daily thought download is an excellent way to practice self-care!

In conclusion, thinking better thoughts will create a happier life!

TOPIC: Create a Daily Thought Download in 5 Easy Steps!



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