Here’s What Clients are Saying!

Kim Gonzales is a fantastic coach! I’ve always struggled with having structure and consistency in my life. Kim helped me create small, easy habits for my mornings and evenings that are now so routine that I do them without thinking about them, which frees up my mind and my time for more important things. Kim has helped me build a strong foundation that has reduced stress in my day-to-day personal and professional life and I now have the time to focus on and complete projects that are important to me. Kim holds you accountable to goals you set in a kind, motivating way. I’ve loved working with her and am grateful for her wisdom and positive impact on my life. -JB

I had several coaching sessions with Kim and highly recommend her! I felt that she helped me to gain insight and skillfully guided me to my own conclusions. She is very easy to talk to and is warm, welcoming and affirming. -PC

When I first met Kim, I instantly knew that she was easy to talk to. During our very first session, she had me really exploring issues that I have buried deep down because let’s face it, I am a mom and wife, and we never get to think about our own needs. Turns out, I was holding myself back from many things, health wise and my small business. I made excuses to help everyone else but myself. With Kim’s help, she made me realize that I needed to focus on “me” and not the people around me all the time. She has encouraged me to make those little baby steps and I now see firsthand that they actually can change your life! I am now more productive in my business and my family life. Thank you Kim for teaching me to focus on myself more! -AF

I highly recommend Kim as a life coach! She helped me gain a new perspective, re-frame my thinking, and work on balancing caring for myself and caring for others. She was compassionate, empathetic, and she had an uncanny way of getting to my deeper emotions. I’ve worked with a number of therapists and coaches and she is by far the best life coach I have ever used. -SA

Kim is a great listener and positive responder. She takes the time to listen to what is going on in my life, affecting me emotionally. She then explains how she tackles similar emotions, putting things in perspective. This leads to instituting routines, which helps keep me moving forward and not sitting idle. Routines also keep me focused and grounded, something I have been lacking. I really value our time together and believe 2021 will be a better year! -JB

I had difficulty with initiating friendships and following up. After coaching with Kim, I was able to connect with potential friends and now have the tools needed to work through issues and have more confidence to work through insecurities. I strongly recommend anyone to go to Kim for at least one coaching session. It’s worth it. -CW

Prior to coaching, I felt isolated, insecure, lost and lonesome and like I didn’t have friends. After coaching, I reached out to several people and invited them over and I now readily accept invitations to parties. -CH

Before coaching, I didn’t feel like I had enough friends…most of them live too far away. After coaching, I have a good list of options for reaching out and happy to be planning my 60th birthday! I now feel more confident about reaching out and making plans. -JR

I struggled with organization and time management and felt optimistic that things could improve. After coaching with Kim, I organized two pantries and feel that setting realistic goals can result in success. -PC

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