7 Simple Ways To Remember Tasks!

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A good memory is useful, especially when important tasks need to get done.

Do you ever think of something that you want to remember like an appointment, to take medicine or to reply to an email?

You make a mental note of it only to forget about it a few minutes later.

Sometimes there is so much on our minds because of work life, home life, and social life that we couldn’t possibly remember anything else.

We want to be productive and remember all the things we need to do, but there are constant distractions everywhere.

There are tasks you have today, and then new tasks are added on the next day, and so forth.

If you don’t have some kind of system to remember these tasks, it can get out of hand very quickly and things will be missed.

There are things you can easily do to practice your own self-care, if a new task lands on your plate.

Here are 7 ways to remember tasks!

  1. Do the task immediately to avoid having to think about it later.
  2. Write it down immediately
  3. Speak into your phone voice recorder
  4. Set an alarm
  5. Add the task to your calendar
  6. Send yourself a text or an email
  7. Set it up in reminders

Setting up ways to remember, is a great habit to start!

What’s your best tip for remembering something?  Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: 7 Simple Ways To Remember Tasks!

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