How to Stop Complaining About Pain!

wife with bullhorn into husbands ear

❤️ Do you suffer from aches and pains, and find yourself complaining about them?

🤕 We were guilty of this!

When we recognized it, we did something about it, as these conversations were not serving us in a healthy way.

📘 The book “A Complaint Free World” explains how complaining gives us more of what we don’t want!

According to the book, talking to others about real physical pain isn’t complaining, but the negative thoughts about the pain are.

👓 We are so much more than our aches and pains, and there are better things to focus on, right?

📋 To cut down on complaining, I created a daily spreadsheet called the “ailment log” back in February of 2020, to document whatever ails us.

Watch the video here:

💊 I keep the log in my desk drawer, next to my supplement tray.

Each morning after I take my supplements, I write down my ailment (or “feel good”) and then place the log on Mark’s desk chair, so he can write his.

When he’s done, he delivers it back to my desk.

So easy!

🤧 This cool tracking tool comes in especially handy if a health professional wants to know an approximate start date of the ache, pain, allergy, or injury.

Do you focus your time complaining about aches and pains, and are there other productive topics you could be discussing?

TOPIC: How to Stop Complaining About Pain!

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