Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Stocking Stuffers!!

A couple weeks ago, I did a blog post on clutter free gift ideas!

Today I wanted to have fun talking about stocking stuffers!

What are your favorite stocking stuffers to give or receive?

I remember when I was young, I loved smoked oysters and artichoke hearts.

My mom used to put them in my stocking, along with other useful things.

Check out the Video Below:

Helpful links are listed below!

1. Gift cards or gift certificates
2. Flash light or a headlamp
3. Masks and sanitizer
4. Event tickets
5. You favorite coffee or tea
6. Post it notes
7. A special ornament
8. Toothbrush and floss
9. Necklace fan
10. Tape measure
11. Jewelry
12. Seed packets for Spring
13. Reusable grocery bags with pouch
14. Lipstick or Nail polish or lip balm
15. Portable charger or thumb drive
16. Nail file or mini manicure kit
17. Gloves or socks or hand warmers
18. Scarf
19. Heart monitor
20. Desk calendar
21. Deck of playing Cards or Tarot cards
22. Book light or book marks
23. Mini journal & some cute pens 
24. Rose Quartz face roller or healing stones
25. Reading glasses or nice sunglasses with lens cleaner

What are your favorite stocking stuffer ideas?

TOPIC: Stocking Stuffer Ideas!


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