How To Stay Healthy While Traveling!

Older couple enjoying vacation on a blanket at the beach

So, you are going on vacation! That’s good news, right? Most times it is, but some folks suffer from fear or anxiety when they are away from home and it can take a toll mentally and physically, which is why it’s important to stay healthy even on vacation.

Vacations are exciting, but sometimes we are concerned about either getting sick or eating too much and gaining weight.

That’s a lot to worry about on your otherwise happy vacation!

Eating while traveling can be tricky especially when you are trying to stay on a healthy diet.

We usually bring our own healthy foods because it’s healthier and it costs less!

Yes, vacations are supposed to be fun, but that doesn’t mean you should jump on the “all you can eat buffet” band wagon, it’s better to eat nutrient rich foods!

8 Healthy Traveling Tips!

    1. Exercise daily. Bike ride, play tennis, or walk!! You may enjoy yourself and as a bonus, get stay healthy on vacation and burn calories at the same time!
    2. Bring workout equipment with you. I always carry resistance bands in my suitcase. It’s so convenient to sneak in a quick workout!
    3. Hydrate. It’s important to drink lots of water when you travel, as water is excellent for lubricating joints and helps muscle fatigue.
    4. Don’t engage in mindless eatingIn the car or hotel room, it’s easy to snack mindlessly and not think about the calories consumed!
    5. Assemble meals and snacks ahead of time. I always bring pre-made oatmeal and pre-portioned snacks and they travel with me in an ice chest. In hotels, it’s helpful to request a microwave and refrigerator to transfer the food.
    6. Be creative in Restaurants. Find out what healthy selections are offered by calling in advance or checking online.
    7. Eat BEFORE you go out. Sometimes I eat dinner beforehand so I’m not tempted and it’s less expensive.
    8. Don’t drink alcohol. At restaurants, I usually order hot water with lemon or Pellegrino which lasts for hours because it’s bubbly.
    9. Plan other activities. Go to a movie, visit a museum, take a site seeing tour, take a vacation cruise, visit a waterfall. You get the idea!

How do you stay health on vacation?  Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: How To Stay Healthy While Traveling!

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