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Are you familiar with the concept of “aging in place”?

Aging in place refers to individuals choosing to remain in their own homes as they grow older.

“Baby Boomers are living longer and are drinking the proverbial “fountain of youth” and living longer than ever before. In fact, Americans are living three decades longer now than they did a century ago. Boomers are not just living longer, they are living better, feeling more youthful than their predecessors and remaining engaged, active, and fulfilled” according to the Huffington Post. says there are things you can do to upgrade your home to age in place such as:

🔴 Adding Grab Bars
🟡 Adding a Ramp to Home Entrance
🔴 Increasing the Widths of Doorways
🟡 Adding a Bathroom to Ground Floor
🔴 Adding Lever-Handled Doorknobs
🟡 Changing Flooring to Prevent Injuries
🔴 Moving Master Bedroom to Main Floor
🟡 Lowering Electrical Switches
🔴 Adding a Lift on the Stairs
🟡 Installing Higher Electrical Outlets

Once you make these changes, you can take it a step further by creating a smart home!

What’s A Smart Home? says that Smart Homes let people remain independent longer.

A smart home is a home that’s equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.

Home automation deals with syncing household devices and systems with schedules or responsive sensors.

According to, a multitude of home automation options await those considering aging in place such as:

💡 Interior and exterior lighting
✨ Alarm and security systems
💡 Door and window locks
✨ Pool, hot tub and steam bath temperatures
💡 Home theater systems and speakers
✨ Phone and Internet lines
💡 Yard irrigation
✨ Thermostats
💡 Shades, blinds, shutters and curtains
✨ Turning off or lowering water heaters and HVAC functions
💡 Detecting water and gas leaks

Many older or disabled people could stay in their own homes longer if they had some type of monitored living arrangement.


Smart homes are being designed with comfort in mind.

A place for Mom says “Motion sensors, energy monitoring units, smart thermostats and wireless light switches are designed to maximize personal comfort, increase energy efficiency and decrease electricity and heating expenses.”

You can have your home hardwired, wireless or a combination of both.

A smart system usually covers lighting, security, heating and cooling, irrigation, home entertainment and appliances, etc. and you’ll have to pay for materials and labor.

People who are aging sometimes find it difficult to get around and may require extra upgrades for comfort such as:

🟣 Walk-in showers
🟠 Electric stairlifts
🟣 Bed rails
🟠 Medical alert systems
🟣 Lever handled doorknobs
🟠 Higher toilets

Embracing smart home technology can enhance the comfort, safety, and convenience when aging in place.

By integrating features such as smart lighting and security systems, people can maintain their independence while staying connected.

Smart homes offer a range of benefits for individuals looking to remain in familiar surroundings.

Making your home smart could be a valuable investment in your future well-being.

TOPIC: Smart Home Technology!

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