Managing Feelings of Shyness!

Managing Feelings of Shyness!

Shyness can prevent us from reaching our full potential and enjoying social activities.

Many people who are shy, hide or struggle with feeling isolated.

Being shy may feel like a constant battle between wanting to connect with other people, and an overwhelming fear of rejection.

Maybe your heart pounds each time you think you may have to speak up even in simple interactions.

Shyness can be paralyzing.

Embracing and accepting shyness can lead to authentic connections and personal growth.

Overcoming shyness involves gradually exposing ourselves to social situations in order to build confidence through small steps.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Getting out of your comfort zone when you’re shy can be challenging, but taking small, manageable steps can make a big difference. Here are five simple steps to help you:

🫣 Smile at strangers and gradually try saying hello, give a small compliment, or engage in small talk.

🙈 Attempt to initiate a new conversation each week with someone you don’t know.

🫣 Participate in a class that interests you because shared activities is a great way to meet like minded people.

🙈 Engage in volunteering, which creates opportunities to connect with others in a purposeful environment.

🫣 Ask someone you’ve only met once, out for coffee and memorize or bring with you some questions you can ask.

By taking these small steps, you’ll expand your comfort zone and build confidence. says that “Characteristics of shyness, which include passiveness and limited eye contact, can be mistaken for insecurity, anxiety, or depression; but shyness isn’t necessarily a negative. While some people have a stronger inclination toward shyness, it’s fairly typical to feel uncertain in new situations. The trait often emerges in childhood; some grow out of it and others find their shyness dissipates as they get more comfortable in certain social situations“.


TOPIC: Managing Feelings of Shyness!


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