5 Small Self-Care Habits to Boost Productivity!


We all know that person who likes to get things done, right?

How do they do it?

How do they get so much done in one day?

Habits, Routines, Structure and Productivity!

Being productive is not about being busy.

It’s being able to make the most of a 24 hour time period by creating lasting habits!

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

How do you spend your time?

It’s surprising how distractions get in the way.

Feeling unproductive can keep you feeling worried confused, and indecisive.

If you’re not managing time effectively, look at your reasons!

Common excuses are:

  • I’m crazy busy and distracted by kids, animals, phone calls, electronic devices, food, or TV.
  • I don’t know how my house became disorganized, it’s too overwhelming.
  • There’s not enough time in the day to honor my commitments.
  • I’m too busy helping others and there’s no time left for me!
  • I went to bed late and I’m too tired!

It’s time to examine your thoughts and discover what stops you from being productive.

Here are 5 small self-care habits that you can implement immediately:

  1. Wake up 1/2 hour earlier!
  2. Get your clothes, food, and electronics ready the night before, to prepare for the work day ahead!
  3. Focus on one task at a time!
  4. Keep an ongoing to-do list!
  5. Block space on your calendar for free time as well as important tasks!

Focus Your Time clock in a palm of a handAre you looking for ways to focus your time so you can do things you enjoy?

As a certified life coach, one of the things I do is inspire others to create structure, so they can feel more energetic and less worried.

TOPIC: 5 Small Self-Care Habits to Boost Productivity!

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