Why is Self Awareness Important?

Why is Self Awareness is Important? Read more here https://focusyourtime.com/self-awareness/

Today, I’m talking about self awareness.

Self awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and determine whether your actions, thoughts, or emotions align with your values!

You know what I discovered?

When I am aligning with my values, I feel happy!

Being self aware has improved the way I think, and how I live my life.

11 Examples of Self Awareness!

🔷 I’ve learned that arguing with the past causes unneeded suffering. There’s nothing I can do about things that happened in the past, and feeling guilty won’t change anything. I can learn from the past and grow from it, and possibly find meaning behind it, but I can’t change it, because it’s over. What works for me is focusing on what’s happening right now and what I can do moving forward!

🔶 I’ve learned that attempting to control others is exhausting. We attempt to control other adults because we think we know what’s best for them. Once I accepted that I can’t change or control someone, life became easier. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to advise others how they should be and what they should do. I find it best to mind my own business and If I feel stressed hanging out with them, I can choose to spend less time in their company.

🔷 I’ve learned that worrying may feel necessary, but it actually solves nothing and causes suffering. I used to worry so much, I’d make myself sick. Now, I decide that things will be just fine, until I hear otherwise. If I do hear otherwise, I can make a plan! Living this way is better for my health. There’s a quote that says “Worries won’t take away the sorrows of tomorrow, they take away the peace of today”. In my life, most things I spend time worrying about never happen!

🔶 I’ve learned that the more I complain, the more I show up as a victim. It really does feel better to focus on solutions and talk about those instead. I’m still human and complain once in awhile, but I’m more aware now. No one wants to listen to someone who constantly complains. Watch my Focus Your Time YouTube interview with Will Bowen about the five reasons people complain, it’s fascinating.

🔷 I’ve learned that I can love anyone I want, and no one can stop me. If someone is no longer in my life, I can still choose to love them, even if they don’t love me.

🔶 I’ve learned to stop using the word busy! I don’t tell others that I’m too busy, or how busy I’ve been, or use the excuse of not having time. To me, busy isn’t a badge of honor, or something to brag about, it’s more about how we manage our time and our priorities!

🔷 As I’ve gotten older, I hear people focusing and talking about ailments, doctor appointments, surgeries, or sickness. I’ve learned that it’s more enjoyable and less of a downer, to focus on wellness, and maybe brainstorm new ideas, or talk about favorite podcasts, books, or other interesting subjects.

🔶 I’ve learned to stop caring what others think of me. It doesn’t matter what they think of me, it matters what i think of me. There are many who probably don’t like me, and that’s ok, not everyone will. This is the price of being authentic! To be authentic means to live by your values.

🔷 I’ve learned that every human is unique, with different experiences, opinions and beliefs and that’s ok. We’ve all had different upbringings, and journeys. I try to remember this when my brain goes toward being judgy.

🔶 If somebody seems unfriendly, I’ve learned to become curious about why they may act that way, instead of judging them. I’ve also learned that their actions have nothing to do with me.

🔷 I’ve learned that my favorite relationships are positive, balanced, and fun, with equal air time of sharing and listening, and lots of laughter.

What Stories are you Carrying Around?

Why is Self Awareness Important?Again, these are the things that help me in my life and you’re welcome to adopt any of these ideas for your own personal growth.

What thoughts are stories are you carrying around that keep you from feeling the way you want to feel or achieving the things you want to achieve?

What if they are preventing you from finding solutions and having a better life?

This is something you may want to think about, or even better you may want to journal about it.

I hope that sharing my thoughts and stories with you helped in some way.

I’ve learned so much from podcasts, books, coaching school, and from people in my lives.

Every interaction and experience teaches me something new and I’m so grateful!


TOPIC: Why is Self Awareness Important?


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