Here are some helpful resources for looking to adopt an animal, find a vet or search for a lost pet.

Pet Adoption
Pet Finder is updated on a daily basis.

You can search for a pet that best matches your needs. It includes free pet care articles, discussion forums, and a pet-care resource directory.

Lost and Found Pet Database
Pet FBI is a free information center for lost and found pets where you can post your own report and get automatic alerts.

They have a helpful user friendly database.

HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database
Home again is where you can register your pet’s microchip.

The membership comes with a permanent listing with your contact information.

If your lost pet is found, they will contact you.

Pet Amber Alert
Pet Amber Alert spreads the word rapidly about your lost pets!

The Pet Finder system will send poster alerts with photos, descriptions and details to neighbors, vets, animal shelters, animal control, hospitals, pet stores and “rescue volunteers” within a 10 to 100 mile radius of where your pet was last seen.

How to find a vet in your area
Just type your zip code in, and a list will pop up with the vets in your area.

How to find an emergency pet clinic or animal hospital
Find an Accredited American Animal Hospital near your home.

Just type in the number of miles and your zip code and you’ll see a list of hospitals closest to your area.