Surround Yourself with Pretty Things!

pretty orange flowers

I enjoy pretty things, do you?

Being surrounded by nice things has a positive effect on our mood and can help with attitude!

🌺 Beautiful things with deep, rich colors, especially beautiful flowers with minor scents make me happy inside.

Being sensitive to fragrances from perfume or certain heavily scented flowers (like Lilies), makes it difficult sometimes!

🌹 Thank goodness that I’m not sensitive to roses, gardenias, and orchids!

They are my favorites!

Bella Mocha asks the questions, “Where you spend the most time. Do you feel absolutely inspired by your home environment? Or do you at least have a place in your home where you can go to refresh, refuel and create?

One of the places in my home, is my office!

🎸 I keep my teal colored ukulele in a stand on my desk, next to little glass vases of roses!

Oh, how I love roses!

See the video below:

A good way to practice self-care is to surround ourselves with pretty things that bring us joy!

It creates a feeling of peace and calm to have my pretty things to look at!

What makes you feel peaceful? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Surround Yourself with Pretty Things!

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