Finding Your Lost Pet!

What to do if your Pets Go Missing!

We share our homes with our beloved furry family, dogs and cat alike, going to great lengths to ensure their safety, because they are part of the family.

We microchip them, carry current pictures on our phones, provide a wam bed and healthy food, shower them with affection, yet despite our preventive efforts, unforeseen circumstances lead to their disappearance.

Pets get away at times due to an accidental open door, fireworks, or during a walk or hike.

Sometimes despite our best intentions, our furry friends even manage to slip away from the the most diligent pet sitters, trainers, or groomers, which adds a layer of distress, especially when we entrust their care to others.

No matter how they escape, it can leave us in a state of panic.

Pets Can Vanish!

Did Your Furry Friend Run Away?Whether it’s a dog, or an outdoor or indoor cat, they can vanish without a trace.

It’s a devastating experience that no pet owner wishes to endure, yet it’s a reality that many of us face at some point.

The  anguish of searching for a lost pet is compounded by feelings of frustration and guilt.

Have you experienced the heart-wrenching moment when one of your beloved pets has gone missing?

Losing a pet is every pet owner’s nightmare, and being prepared can make all the difference in reuniting with them.

If your pet did disappear, would you know what steps to take?

There are things you can do to help in the search.

Lost Cat Tips!

What can you do the moment you realize your feline friend has disappeared? Here are a few things you might want to try:

😻 Search immediate surroundings, hiding spots inside your home and yard.
😼 Place the litter box or bedding outside your front door.
😻 Contact your neighbors, animal shelter, and your own vet.
😼 Post a pet amber alert.
😻 Post their picture in your neighborhood as well as local communities on social media.
😼 Check under porches, in bushes, in trashcans and in buildings nearby.
😻 Stay persistent and hopeful in your search efforts, as cats can sometimes wander back home on their own after a few days.

Lost Dog Tips!

Here a some tips that might help if your dog has gone missing:

🐶 Be sure your cellphone is charged and keep it with you, and that you have a current photo of your dog in your photos to share with anyone you run into.
🐾 Pack your pockets with treats and then search your neighborhood as your dog could be hiding at a neighbors house, or maybe near a lake, in the bushes, or in an open shed. Ask neighbors to help by calling your dog’s name loudly over and over again.
🐶 Create brightly colored dog posters and flyers with a picture of your dog and large writing with “Lost Dog” at the top (using a Sharpie) with your contact information, to post in your neighborhood, dog parks, local businesses, grocery stores, the police station, fire station, animal shelters and vet offices.
🐾 Call and visit local vets, animal shelters, police and sheriff stations, and fire stations to see if your dog was brought in. Leave a flyer and contact information.
🐶 Hand a flyer to mail carriers, newspaper delivery people, UPS and Fedex drivers, garbage collector, and utility workers.
🐾 Post your dogs picture on your social media profile pages and in any other online local dog and rescue groups.
🐶 Contact Pet Amber Alert.  They will spread the word rapidly that your dog is missing!
🐾 Contact Pet FBI. They are a free information center for lost and found dogs.
🐶 Visit or call an animal communicator.

Remote Areas!

Tips if Your Pet is Missing in a Remote Area!If your pet goes missing in a remote area, the situation can be more challenging.

It’s important to act quickly and you may consider setting up feeding stations with familiar scents near where your pet was last seen, because they may return to familiar smells.

Consider enlisting the help of professional pet trackers, or drone pilots who specialize in locating lost pets in wilderness areas, and try these ideas as well:

You could also get a large trap and add aromatic food like bacon, along with water, and some dirty clothes.

It might also help to hire tracking dogs to track down your dog by scent and contact the missing animal dog network in your area or Dogs Finding Dogs.

Remember to remain hopeful and persistent in your search efforts and as the ASPCA says “Don’t Give Up! Remember that many lost animals have found their way back home“.

Here is a Lost Dog Recovery Guide that I found on Amazon as well as a How To Find a Lost Cat Guide, which might be helpful for future use.

Here’s hoping these tips will provide comfort and that sweet member of your furry family will be home soon!

TOPIC: Finding Your Lost Pet!


  1. Viggo Crowe

    I really like your idea to use a drone to get up higher and look around for the dog. My brother lost his dog last night and he can’t find her anywhere. It would be nice if he could find her soon because he cares for her so much.

    • Pets2Luv

      Good luck and I hope he finds her soon!

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