Is Your Pet Overweight?

Is Your Pet Overweight?

A recent survey revealed that 56% of dogs and 60% of cats were classified as clinically overweight which equals an estimated 50.2 million dogs and 56.5 million cats. Wow!

The American Veterinary Medical association says that “Keeping your pet at a healthy weight lowers their risk of certain health problems like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing problems, back problems, kidney disease, and some forms of cancer. It also can reduce your pet’s risk of joint injuries associated with excess weight. And if your pet has arthritis, maintaining a healthy weight can make it easier to manage any associated pain or discomfort”.

Excess weight can increase your pet’s risk of issues during anesthesia, reduce their life expectancy, and impair their quality of life. For these and other reasons, keeping your pet trim gives them the best chance of a longer, healthier, and pain-free life”.

Calorie Counters!

Do Your Monitor How Much Your Pet Eats?Giving your pet too many treats, allowing them to eat table food, or just plain feeding them too much can lead to obesity!

Because we love our furry family, we truly need to be aware of what they’re consuming, and adjust when needed.

There’s a great online canine calorie counter, as well as a cat calorie calculator, which calculates the number of calories they should be consuming.

Just type in your their ideal weight, select the measure of weight, and hit “calculate”, and it tells you how much they should be consuming based on activity level.

You can then just check out the number of calories on the food labels and adjust portions accordingly.

Verify that the bag, box or can of food lists the calorie count, if not you might be able to find it online.

For dogs, In addition to their regular food, your vet may recommend that you only give them light treats or perhaps veggies such as zucchini, tomatoes, and carrots. Table food (or unlimited treats) is not recommended.

If you have a cat, you may want to monitor how much they eat too.

For some you can lay out a full bowl, and they’ll graze all day.

Others can’t be trusted and they’ll gobble up the bowl and want more.

For our pets to live long and happy lives, sometimes it means withholding treats or table food and your pets will not starve and they will still love you!

Listen to your Vet!

Why It’s Important to Listen to Your Vet! lists helpful things you can do to determine if your pet is overweight such as feeling the pets ribs, checking the area near the base of the tail, and viewing your pet from above and from the side.

Most vets are truthful about weight issues, but still owners refuse to make adjustments, which of course, only hurts your pet.

If your vet tells you that your pet needs to lose weight, please listen to them and figure out how to get them to a proper weight, because obesity can shorten their lives.

Having obese pets can lead to expensive vet bills, medications and surgery, so it’s best to listen to your vet and be proactive to control their weight.

Once again, feeding your pets a balanced diet along with monitoring their weight, helps to prevent obesity.

Of course, we also need to make sure that our pets get enough exercise, which is good for them and you!

The National Humane Education Society says to remember these four things:
1. Feed Responsibly
2. Exercise Daily
3. Give Healthy Treats Minimally
4. Shower With Love

We want our furry family to be around for many years to come, so it’s important to pay attention to their eating habits and how much exercise they get.

Our pets love us unconditionally, let’s show how much we love them too!

TOPIC: Is Your Pet Overweight?


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