Pet Products

Here are a few pet products we’ve purchased over the years on Amazon for our pets that you may find useful.

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Litter Genie
The Litter Genie is an easy to use disposal system which works by scooping the pet waste, opening the lid and dropping the clumps.

Cat Carrier
Our 2 cats fit in the carrier together.

We use it for car rides and they sleep in it during the day in our home.

It’s roomy as can be.

It has a top loader, many windows and our cats are comfortable.

Kong Toys
Our dogs enjoy these and other kong toys.

The best part is that they can’t chew them up.

You can stuff peanut butter inside so it takes a while for your pooch to get it out.

Biodegradable Poop Bags
One of the reasons we love these bags is that they are unscented.

They come in a handy roll and are easy to open.

Pepper Gel
We use this pepper gel when we walk the dogs as we’ve been attacked by other dogs several times.

It only affects the target and eliminates wind blowback outside and can be used indoors too.

Comfy Cone
The comfy cone is so much better than the big plastic collar the vet sends your dog home in.

They aren’t as big and they are comfy for the dogs to sleep in.

It’s water resistant and easy to wipe clean with soap and water.

Folding Pet Ramp
This folding ramp is handy to use when your car or SUV is too high for your animal to jump into.

It has a soft non-slip rubberized walking surface with great traction.

It fits all vehicles and edges and will fit any size dog.

Car Pet Barrier
This barrier is for use in the front or rear of cars and SUVs and works well for trips with the dogs and protects them too.

You can adjust the height from a minimum 10.5″ (with removal of the TOP BAR) to a maximum 16″.

Martingale Collar
The best thing about the Martingale collar is that it’s easy to put on and take off, and it’s not too tight around the dog’s neck.

Each collar is safe and equipped with a limited closure design which ensures that the collar will not ever fully close or injure pets.

Automatic Pet Feeder
We use these for our cats dry food.

You just program it once and fill it every six days.

You can even record your voice in a 6 second message, so your kitty knows when it’s time to eat.

Walk Through Pet Gate
This pet gate stands 30 inches tall and expands to fit openings from 29 to 42 inches.

It’s easy to operate and best of all keeps pets out of places they shouldn’t be.