Personal Values!

Personal Values!

Today I’m going to talk about personal values, but first…you know when people say just be yourself?

I used to be confused about what that really meant.

We hear, be your authentic self, be your genuine self, or just be real, but what does that mean?

Well…showing up as yourself means you’re aligning with your values!

John C. Maxwell says “When values, thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment, a person becomes focused and character is strengthened.”

What are Personal Values?

Personal values are priorities that give us direction, and provide the foundation for our decisions.

You can catch Kim Chat Live in the video below, as we discuss personal values.

In order to align with your values, it’s important to set boundaries.

As we’ve discussed before, boundaries are rules that you set in place so you can live the life you choose and they are set for you, not others.

They are what you will or won’t tolerate for your own life.

Boundaries are Essential for Healthy Relationships.

If you have set boundaries, you can align with your values and show up as your genuine, authentic, real self. Make sense?

Again, once you know your own values, you have something to aim for.

When you don’t align with your own values, you could be aligning with someone else’s values.

So, my question is, are you living your values or someone else’s?

Here are 10 of Mine!

Gotta have the morning routine which consists of exercise indoors, walk outdoors, breakfast, shower, check and respond to text and emails, The morning routine is sacred to me. I also like to cook and assemble meals in advance.

Health and Wellness 
I workout daily and follow a plant based diet, take supplements, get yearly blood draws, and for my brain I get coaching. I met my hubby at the gym almost 30 years ago and he’s also been working out all of his life.

⭐ Humor & Fun
I attempt to make most things in life enjoyable. My husband and I make each other laugh daily, we are very silly together and have a good time.

⭐ Order
My brain likes order especially at home. Clutter drives me crazy. At work, I use spreadsheets and checklists and my website, graphics, and handouts are orderly.

⭐ Comfort & Convenience
Grab and go food that I’ve cooked and assembled in advance works well! My vitamins, lipstick, and stapler are in my desk drawer. I set out clothes, makeup and jewelry night before.

⭐ Connection
I like to connect with my hubby on walks. I also like to connect by laughing with friends or being with my fur babies.

⭐ Creativity
Love to craft blog posts, create graphics, and write for the lives and podcasts.

⭐ Finances
Bills needs to be paid on time, need to renew things, balance bank statements. I’m greate at managing finances, but I’d rather spend time being creative, so I set blocks of time in order to get everything done.

⭐ Personal Growth
I love to keep my brain engaged constantly by attending webinars and workshops, or reading books. There’s always new information!

⭐ Alone Time
As I said my morning routine is sacred. I love my alone time and getting my workout done when it’s dark and quiet and the rest of the world is asleep.

⭐ Safety
My safety is so important to me, so I try to stay germ and injury free and still not quite comfortable hanging in groups just yet.

Did any of My Values Resonate With You?

Personal Values!Each person has their own set of priorities and values, so again, do you live based on your values or someone else’s?

Values are an important part of self-care.

When it comes to values and setting boundaries, I’ve gone through the struggles, done the research, read the books and continue to work on myself, and perhaps you’d like to do this work for yourself too.

If you are having issues in this area, or if you need guidance for clearly defining your wants and needs, let’s jump on a face to face, discovery call.

By the way, my 5 step method for creating and enforcing boundaries, called the Beyond boundaries Blueprint, is now available and you can download it for a limited time for free!

Again, it’s important to know what your values are so you have something to aim toward.

Aligning with your values is how you show up as the true you!

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