Why is Personal Growth Important?

Personal Growth

Personal growth is the process of an individual becoming aware of the ‘self’ in its entirety, followed by taking steps to address the behavior, attitudes, values, actions and habits that they wish to change. This process starts first with ‘self-awareness’ – which allows one to see themselves honestly – and culminates in targeted changes to the self that deliver positive outcomes to the life of the individual in question” according to transcendhealth.com

How do you make the most of your free time?

Are you being productive, socializing, or trying new things?

Or, do you spend time controlling others, scrolling social media, eating junk, playing online games, or excessively consuming your favorite shows?

Whatever you’re doing, hopefully you find life satisfying.

If not, perhaps you’re searching for more.

Personal growth involves physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional growth that allows a person to live a satisfying and productive life. Visit: focusyourtime.com/personalgrowth!The More Method!

One of my favorite books is called “The More Method”, which is about personal development.

Have you heard of it?

The book says that “The reality is that happiness comes from our own personal growth; learning new things, seeing new perspectives, accomplishing new skills, and producing results. If children learn early on that growth is what creates happiness, our world would look very different. We wouldn’t need to do so many things to escape our reality, because our reality would be so much more fulfilling and rewarding.

In order to get more of everything good out of life, we need to be aware and intentional of how we spend our free time. We must make more conscious choices to do things that fuel our souls and make us feel alive every day!

Nothing feels as good as good energy feels. We shift the addiction from the sugar highs to something more useful—becoming addicted to feeling good, enjoying life more with high energy, mental clarity and hyper-focus.”

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

Personal growth involves physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional growth that allows a person to live a satisfying and productive life. Visit: focusyourtime.com/personalgrowth!Personal growth is a journey you take for life in an effort to improve yourself, and it’s great for the brain.

My Dad used to encourage me to learn something new every day, and I think I do!

People who practice self development, have better relationships and are generally happier.

I also love to learn new things by interviewing guests on the Focus Your Time podcast. I receive a new education during each show.

The Huffington post says “Whatever you like to call it — personal growth, personal development, self-actualization or finding yourself — this journey is you exploring and developing who you truly are. It explores identity, talents and potential, as well as dreams and aspirations. It develops you physically, mentally, spiritually and intellectually”.

Integrify.com says “The power of personal development resides in its limitless potential. You can develop skills in numerous areas that pique your curiosity, and go as far and in-depth as you want. By continually striving to increase your strengths, achievements, and curiosity, you’ll be on the road to living an exceptional and fulfilling life.”

Personal Growth Requires Looking Inward!

Personal growth involves physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional growth that allows a person to live a satisfying and productive life. Visit: focusyourtime.com/personalgrowth!So, personal growth requires looking inward at your habits, thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions, as well as challenges.

It’s also deciding what you want your future for look like.

What healthy boundaries would you need to set, in order to do what you say you want to do?

Having a game plan for personal growth is crucial because it gives you a clear path to achieve your goals.

It helps you stay focused and motivated along the way.

It’s like having a roadmap that points you in the right direction, to becoming the best version of yourself.

Tony Robbins says “Personal growth isn’t just for those who are feeling stuck or have a major obstacle to overcome. Everyone benefits from working through a personal growth plan. Learning how to continue your personal growth is essential to building confidence, reaching your goals and finding fulfillment. If you’re not growing, you’re dying – so it’s time to get growing.

So, in what ways do you practice personal growth?

Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn or try?

If so, what might be standing in your way?

Watch more about personal growth in the video below!

Understanding the five areas of personal growth (mental, physical, social, spiritual, emotional) is important because it helps you explore where to make life improvements.

What’s your plan for personal growth?

Topic: Why is Personal Growth Important?


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