Expectations In Friendships!


Have you struggled with creating new friendships or enhancing the ones you already have?

Creating new friends, and improving current friendships takes commitment!

If making new new friends is important to you, we need to put ourselves out there even if it seems uncomfortable.

As Shasta Nelson says “To create, foster, and protect our intimacy, we must practice three things: positivity, consistency, and vulnerability”.

Investing in friendships is worth it, and good for our health too!

The positive effect of regular social contact to a persons’ health is about as strong as the effect of blood pressure, smoking, alcohol habits, obesity, and eating a healthy diet“. Having friendships may increase longevity. A network of good friends is more likely than close family relationships to increase longevity in older people” according to the Huffington Post.

It takes time to create a real friendships, yet people don’t make it a priority and take the necessary steps.

How Long Does it Take?

Many of us think that good friends can be created right away, but according to an article in Today.com describes it takes a few hours to create different types of friendships:

  • It takes about 40-60 hours of time spent together in the first few weeks after meeting for people to form a casual friendship.
  • To transition from a casual friend to friend takes about 80-100 hours of together time.
  • For friends to become good or best friends, it takes about 200 or more hours spent together.

It’s so important to have supportive friends who motivate us and share our same interests.

We want to feel love and connection with our friends, right?

The best thing you can do after meeting someone, is to go on friend dates to spend time getting to know each other.

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends.  Watch the short video below:

If friendships are important to you, it’s time to dedicate some time getting to know people.

Find things you have in common and meet once a week.

If you feel unsafe meeting in person, due to COVID restrictions or weather issues, you can call, text, or zoom.  Determine which communication method works best and “stay in touch”!

How do you show up in your friendships?

Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Expectations In Friendships!

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  1. Mark

    I find this article enlightening and well thought out and is full of great information.
    Keep up the great blogs 🙂

    • Kim

      Thanks Mark!

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