Party Planning Tips!

Party Planning Tips!

Planning a party is a good way to connect and socialize with neighbors and friends.

Socializing is beneficial for various reasons because it helps to build and maintain relationships, which are crucial for emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging.

Regular social interaction can also improve mental and emotional well-being by reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Additionally, socializing allows for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and perspectives, which can broaden one’s horizons and lead to personal growth and development.

It can also provide opportunities for collaboration, networking, and learning from others.

Overall, socializing contributes to a fulfilling and enriched life by fostering connections with others and promoting positive social interactions.

Plan Ahead!

Plan Parties in Advance!Planning a party in advance is crucial for a successful event.

When you plan ahead, you have more time to consider important details.

This allows you to make informed decisions, secure necessary supplies or services, and address potential issues.

Planning ahead allows you to relax and enjoy the event along with your guests.

Additionally, advanced planning gives you the opportunity to make adjustments as needed, leading to a more enjoyable experience for everyone. says “At the end of the day, parties are all about bringing people together and having fun. Keeping this in mind throughout the process and using it as a compass as you make your major party planning decisions is a foolproof way to throw one of the best parties of all time”.


Questions to consider when planning an event!
🎉 When will it take place?
🥳 Where will it take place? Is it in a home, a restaurant, a hall that you need to reserve and pay for in advance?
🎉 Inside or outside?
🥳 Who will be invited to the event?
🎉 What kind of food will be provided?
🥳 Is there a caterer or a potluck or are you cooking?
🎉 Is there a theme and will you need decorations, paper goods, equipment rentals, tablecloths, centerpieces, extra seating?
🥳 Playing games? Who is supplying and arranging the games?
🎉 Are you sending Paper or digital invites?
🥳 Is there a dress code?
🎉 Are masks optional?
🥳 What kind of music or entertainment will there be?


Important items to include on the invite!
🎊 On the invite it’s helpful to put the start and ending times.
🤩 List the RSVP by date, and give guests plenty of time to respond.
🎊 Your address and directions.
🤩 Let them know if it’s a surprise party.
🎊 If there’s a theme, and if it’s a potluck, and let them know what kind of food they need to bring. Maybe it goes by the first letter of their last name. Desserts vs snacks vs dinner items. Just be clear so the guest knows what type of food to bring.
🤩 Let the guests know if it’s BYOB!
🎊 Halloween party, bring the pumpkin gutted.
🤩 Here’s one for the people pleasers who may not want to speak up!! I write on the invite absolutely no perfume or cologne or anything scented because some of us have allergies. I also tell this to house guests who will be staying with us because I want to enjoy the party, and the guests and will not enjoy it if there are scents giving me headaches or allergies.
🎊 Again, if it’s a potluck, tell people to bring to their food already prepared in a dish or bowl with serving utensils!

What if You’re the Guest?

If you are a guest, here are some hints!
🎈 Don’t bring scented flowers (especially Lilies) as the host and guest might be allergic.
🌟 Remember to take your food and drink leftovers home with you because many people don’t have room in the frig or pantries for extra stuff.
🎈 If you’re bringing a hostess gift and need to wrap it or need a gift bag, do this at home. Don’t wrap or prepare it at the hosts home.
🌟 If the host lists an END time, be respectful of it, as it may take a while to clean up and they may have something to do early the next morning, like us…we like to workout!
🎈 If there’s an RSVP date on the invite, please RSVP by the date listed. Yes or No. It’s polite!
🌟 As I mentioned before, if you’re attending a pumpkin decorating party, please gut the pumpkin at your own home and not in the hosts home.
🎈 If you’re bringing flowers, it helps if they’re already in a vase. If it’s your own vase, and you’d like it back, put your name on the bottom of it.
🌟 If you’re bringing chips, before you leave home, put them in a bowl with a serving dish for the dip. Don’t bring a bag of chips and ask the host to provide a bowl.
🎈 If you’re bringing salad, don’t bring a bag of lettuce, and some veggies that need to be prepared, again prepare this in your own home, ready to go, in a bowl with serving utensils.
🌟 Don’t bring something that needs to be cooked or reheated in the oven unless you check with the host first Again bring it prepared, maybe in a warming tray or crock pot. Again let the host know what you’re bringing in advance and if you need an outlet to plug it into.

Make Parties Easy on the Host!Make it Easy on the Host!

Remember the host is greeting guests, serving drinks, planning games, & laying out food.

We don’t want them to have to stop everything to show you how to operate the oven, find a bowl, or find a vase.

It’s a lot of work to plan a party, let’s have fun and make it easy on the host!

When ending a party, says to “end with a personal touch by walking each guest to the door to say goodbye. Prolong the warmth by handing them a small keepsake or treat as they head out”.

When you are hosting a party, gathering, or an events, don’t be afraid to speak up and state exactly what you need for success.

It may not work out perfectly, but all you can do is ask, right?

TOPIC: Party Planning Tips!


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