Being Attached to an Outcome!

Being Attached to an Outcome!

Today I’m going to talk to you about being attached to an outcome.

Letting go of an attachment to an outcome is freeing and helps us to be more present with the act itself, rather than what might come in the future.

It’s also better for relationships, because we’re more focused on the people than the goal.

The idea of outcomes made me think of gifts!

I Love Gifts, Don’t You?

Sometimes more than receiving gifts, I love to give gifts.

I like picking them out, wrapping them up, and then watching people open them.

Spending time buying a gift for someone else, can be magical sometimes. It’s fun to search for, and then bring it home to wrap up.

The most fun happens when you give it to someone else.

One time, I gave my friend a beautiful little gift, which she seemed to love.

Later, I found out she gave it to goodwill.

Another time, I had a garage sale and asked my Mom to bring some items to sell.

A couple were gifts I gave her.

I said, “hey I gave that to you“.

I can’t remember if she decided to sell it or not.

When I think back, I realized that I was attached to the outcome, which caused a lot of stress!

Once we gift a gift to someone, we don’t know if they’ll like it, use it, or give it away.

Being Attached to an Outcome!Same thing sending a card.

When you send a card, you have no idea if it’ll arrive, or if it’ll be read.

When we give a card or gift, we give out of love.

What they do with it is none of our business.

We don’t know the outcome in advance.

We kindly give something to someone, and they get to do whatever they want.

It’s the same in business when I release videos or podcasts.

Personally, I have fun creating them, editing them and posting them!

If Nobody Experiences our Work, it’s OK!

Do you have expectations when you gift gifts or cards?

Once I release it to the world, I have no control how others will react to it.

It’s none of my business if people watch it, share it, like it, hate it, unsubscribe or possibly think I’m a genius.

Sometimes my material falls onto deaf ears.

As Coaches we Want our Clients to Succeed!

Being Attached to an Outcome!Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

Our job is to coach at the best of our ability, and not be attached to the outcome.

If a client doesn’t use the information, we don’t need to feel badly about our coaching skills.

Let’s say you’re nervous about an upcoming conversation.

Before having that conversation, it’s helpful to remember that you can’t predict the outcome.

The best thing you can do is to be honest and kind, and speak your truth.

Whatever you say has the ability to be rejected or accepted.

Either Way, it Doesn’t Matter!

How they react is not about you, and is completely out of your control.

Show up as your genuine self regardless of the outcome.

Think about it, where are you trying to predict an outcome?

  • How will this conversation go?
  • What will they do with my card or gift?
  • Will people watch my videos or listen to my podcasts?

We Don’t Know!

Why not just focus creativity, being productive, living in this moment, or even gratitude?

The past is over and we have no control over the future whatsoever. says that “when you have a kung-fu grip on the outcome, your vibrational energy is often extremely heavy, negative, desperate, clingy and resentful, and it’s just way too hard to operate at peak performance, when you are lugging around all of that baggage. When you detach from the outcome, you can just focus on the task at hand, and accept the result, knowing that you did everything you could do to succeed. That’s the way to live”.

Listen to the Focus Your Time podcast “Being Attached to an Outcome” here.

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