10 Organizing Tips That You Can Do Today!

focus your time pots and pans cluttered in a sink

Is your house organized or are your household items out of place or stuffed in drawers?

Do you have rooms full of stacked boxes that are taking up space?

Disorganization and clutter can create unpleasant thoughts and a feeling of overwhelm.

Check out 10 Organizing Tips!

  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings
    If you see something that’s not in its place, and you are going to the room it came from, carry it with you and put it away.
  2. A Place for Everything
    Have you heard of the saying “A Place for Everything or Everything in it’s Place”? When you finish using something immediately return it to the proper place so it’ll be there the next time you look for it.
  3. Clean As You Go
    If you are prepping food in the kitchen, or cooking an entire meal, clean pans and dishes as you go. It’s so much easier than waiting until everything is dirty and having to clean a huge mess after your meal.
  4. Spotless Sink
    Never leave anything in the kitchen sink and to keep it looking clean and spotless. Load the dishwasher and hand wash everything else, then clean the sink and wipe it down (including faucets) with a paper towel.
  5. Put Away As You Go
    If meals contain different kinds of food, take what you need and immediately put it back in the refrigerator or back into the pantry.
  6. Lay Out Clothes
    Lay out clothes the night before your workday. You can even add extra tops to accommodate weather.
  7. Color Coordination
    Color coordinate your clothes, so it’s easy to pull together outfits and saves searching time.
  8. Craft Room
    Sort the craft room is sorted by different types of mediums such as paints, glues, papers, cloth, napkins, embellishments, brushes. Again, there’s a proper place for everything.
  9. Travel Bottles
    After a vacation, it’s good to analyze the travel sized bottles and refill or replace the contents so you’re ready for the next adventure.
  10. Travel Storage
    Keep all small items in a travel bag and store it with your suitcase, so it’s separated.

Great tips, right?

Incorporating these habits into your day is a helpful way to practice self-care!

Did these tips help you? Please leave a comment!!

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TOPIC: 10 Organizing Tips That You Can Do Today!

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