Are you Being a Mrs. Kravitz?

Are you being a Mrs. Kravitz?

Have you ever hung around someone who gossiped nonstop?

Byron Katie says “there are three kinds of business, our business, your business and God’s business“.

Gossip is described as “a person who reveals personal or sensational facts”.

Gossiping about others not present, takes up space in a conversation meant for you and another person.

“Whoever gossips to you, will gossip about you.” ~ Spanish Proverb

Are you being a Mrs. Kravitz?Reality shows are known for nonstop gossiping, and a great example is from the show “Selling Sunset” on Netflix?

This show not only has nonstop gossiping, but also constant disagreements and fights!

It’s fascinating and thoroughly entertaining!

Selling the OC, is even more dramatic!

If you’re old enough to remember Mrs. Kravitz, you know that she played the busybody neighbor on Bewitched.

Bewitched was tame in comparison to today’s reality shows.

Mrs. Kravitz made it her life’s mission to spy in the neighbors window and report the findings to her husband.


Know anyone like this in real life?

They gossip and tell us what’s best for everyone else.

They go on and on about how their mother should be, how their friends should act, or what their husbands should be doing.

When we try to change, control, or mold people into who we think they should be, who suffers?

We do!

Why Must People Gossip About Others?

Are you being a Mrs. Kravitz?Many times, it’s because their lives are unfulfilled.

Most people gossip because gossiping is enjoyable for the sense of power it gives them. Talking about other people gives an individual a sense of relief because he or she is not experiencing the same calamities” according to Psychology Today.

Perhaps, people who engage in gossip or that have the need to control others, have no goals or desires, or maybe they’re lonely.

Maybe that person is you!

If that’s the case, you’re encouraged to listen to Focus Your Time podcast episode #39, “What Do You Want“.

There are prompts in that episode that may help determine what you desire for your own life!

Where do you want to Focus Your Time?

Would you rather be controlling or gossiping about others?

Or, maybe you’d rather focus your time on your own productivity!

You get to choose!

Sonya Parker says ”If you stop focusing on other people’s life you’ll have more time to fix your own life”.

If associating with busybodies feels stressful, you’re allowed to create boundaries and limit your time with them. If you’re not exactly sure how to create boundaries, download the Beyond Boundaries Blueprint for free!

TOPIC: Are you Being a Mrs. Kravitz?


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