Here are 4 Great Reasons To Exercise Every Morning!

girl in workout clothes stretching with hands on the floor

What time of day do you exercise?

Early in the morning, or later in the day?

As it turns out, there are advantages of a morning workout:

1. Better Sleep!

Having a good workout in the morning will relax your body by the time you go to bed.

I know when my head hits the pillow, I’m tired!

Sleep is important.

If you suffer from lack of sleep, you may have trouble making decisions, solving problems, controlling your emotions and behavior, and coping with change.

2. Improves Physical and Mental Energy!

After a morning workout, you feel awake and will have more energy throughout the day and your mind will be ready to take on the business of the day.

Exercise increases nutrients and oxygen which can boost energy.

Morning exercise boosts brain function and can improve focus throughout the day. A morning workout means your brain and body will be in great shape the rest of the day!

3. Frees up the Rest of Your Day for Other Things!

Many of us like to socialize or run errands later in the day and sometimes it feels like there’s no time to exercise.

Exercising in the morning frees you up to do those things without guilt! says “Generally, working out in the morning is better because it’s easier to commit to and get done before the day’s responsibilities get in the way“.

Afternoon workouts are fine, but you never know if something will pop up unexpectedly that’ll not allow you to workout that day!

When you consistently work out in the morning, there are no excuses as you just do it!

4. Creates a Positive Habit and Routine!

Creating positive habits can keep you organized, healthy, and relieve stress.

Personally, I get up around 6am every morning to start the day, and have the same daily wake-up routine.

My morning exercise routine starts by making the bed. Making the bed creates a sense of accomplishment and it’s a perfect way to start the day!

Once the workout clothes are on, I strap on the Fitbit and perform these simple warm-up exercises in my bathroom:

Honestly, this daily warmup routine takes just a few minutes and not only does it wake me up, but it warms up the muscles and joints.

After warming up, I grab my cup of hot lemon water and hit the treadmill for 20 minutes.

A weight or core workout usually follows, and then more cardio.

When my oatmeal is getting ready, I use “the magic stick” on my neck, back and legs.

It feels so good to have such an accomplishment so early in the morning!

When I’m done, I’m energized to start the rest of my day!

Do you exercise in the morning?

Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Here are 4 Great Reasons To Exercise Every Morning!

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