Here’s An Easy To Use Gift Registry For Hospital Patients!

man in hospital

Being in the hospital is not fun at all and scary for some.

It’s not your home, nothing looks familiar and everything is sterile.

Your belongings and pets aren’t around, and it’s certainly not the bed you are used to sleeping in.

Do you know someone that’s in the hospital?

You want to send a gift, but not sure what would be appropriate?

Many of us have been in this situation. Watch this video about MedGift:

MedGift is a unique gift registry website that also combines the benefits of social media,

It provides a community of support for patients and an online listing of a patient’s specific needs, wants and wishes during treatment and recovery, similar to other gift registries.

There is a section called “Wants”, where you can register to purchase a gift card, for items such as a new wig, magazine subscriptions, medical devices, or meals to support the family.

What a fantastic idea!

If you are going into the hospital for an extended amount of time, you can go to the MedGift website and create a patient gift registry and register before you go.

If you are visiting someone in the hospital, you can search for them by name on the MedGift website.

Do you know someone that’s in the hospital?  Please leave a comment.

TOPIC: Here’s An Easy To Use Gift Registry For Hospital Patients!

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