An Instant Pot Can Save You Time, Especially Cooking Beans!

Assortment Of Raw Beans On White Background

During one lazy Seahawks Sunday afternoon, my girlfriend excitedly told me about an appliance called the “10 in 1 Instant Pot”.

She proceeded to explain this handy gadget and sounded like an informercial.

This girl did her research and recited “it’s a pressure cooker, crockpot, rice cooker, steamer, egg cooker, cake maker and it sautées too”.

She ordered the Instant Pot from Amazon.

I was intrigued!

Once it arrived, she used it daily and told me how much she loved it.

I waited until it went on sale and bought one too.

lady eating bowl of soup outsideMine is the 9 in 1.

It’s such a time saver  and a great solution if you don’t make time to cook.

I started using an Instant Pot about a month after I bought it and was scared to death of the pressure cooker.

My friend Kathy came over to assist and make sure I didn’t injure myself.

I only screamed once and I lived through it, so all was good!

I’m obsessed with the Instant Pot!

We steam lots of veggies, beans, and soups, so the Instant Pot is a very handy tool.

Our bodies and brains love all the nutrient rich foods that we make over and over again!

It actually cooks dry beans in less than 30 minutes.

Since we tend to cook a variety of food, there are different things to consider such as:

  • How much water to use?
  • Should a steamer basket be used?
  • How much time should I enter?
  • Quick release or natural release?
  • How much time is required for a natural release?

Instant Pot Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet that came with the Instant Pot shows a pretty picture of the food along with quantities and times.  It was missing how much water to add, whether to quick or natural release, and how much time is required for a natural release.

That’s why through trial and error, I created a Handy Instant Pot Cheat Sheet for you to download.

The Instant Pot Cheat Sheet has saved lots of time because it’s all in one place which helps if you are going to cook many things in one day.

As an added bonus, you can click to download some of my favorite instant pot vegetarian recipes!

Here’s a silly little poem that my silly friend Kathy wrote.

Kim got an Instant pot
Which made things really hot
But never did she ever dream
It would put out so much steam
She used it in so many ways
That it took her many days
but she is both brave and clever
so she makes the best soup ever

Have you purchased an Instant Pot yet?  If so, what’s your favorite recipe?  Please share!

If you don’t own one yet, here’s where you can get your very own instant pot.

TOPIC: An Instant Pot Can Save You Time, Especially Cooking Beans!

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