Are You Highly Sensitive? Discover the Signs!

Are You Highly Sensitive? Discover the Signs!

Tracy Cooper says ”Highly sensitive people are often creative geniuses because they are able to see and experience the world in a way that others cannot.

A highly sensitive person or an HSP is a person who experiences the world in a more intense way than others.

Being an HSP is a trait that affects over 15% of the population.

HSPs can show up as empaths and be emotionally sensitive to others feelings.

Being highly sensitive can have negative and positive aspects. On one hand they can be prone to anxiety, stress and overwhelm and on the other hand they can be compassionate, intuitive and deeply creative.

HSPs have a more sensitive nervous system and affected by smells, sounds, and sights like bright light and can be also be overwhelmed by sensory stimuli. Here are some examples:

Are You Highly Sensitive? Discover the Signs!Noise Sensitivity!

An HSP can easily get overwhelmed by fireworks, car horns, loud popping, or any sudden noise.

You could also seek out quiet environments in nature or parks to recharge and you could also listen to calming music.

Being aware of potential noisy situations and planning accordingly can help.

It’s best to avoid events with anticipated loud noises, and plan activities during quieter times.

Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can offer relief in noisy environments, minimizing the impact of sudden loud sounds.

Practice mindfulness and deep breathing exercises can help HSPs stay grounded around overwhelming noise.

These techniques help reduce the body’s stress response and restore a sense of calm.

Are You Highly Sensitive? Discover the Signs!Light Sensitivity!

Light sensitivity, can be a challenging condition, and HSPs may find themselves avoiding sunny days, bright indoor environments, or artificial lighting.

To alleviate the impact of light sensitivity, individuals can wear sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare and brightness from sunlight.

Additionally, adjusting brightness of electronic devices can make digital environments more tolerable.

Choosing dimmer lighting with soft white or warm-colored bulbs, can minimize harshness, and it may be best to avoid fluorescent and strobe lights.

Using blackout curtains can provide relief for those with severe sensitivity.

Finding the right combination of solutions tailored to one’s specific light sensitivity can significantly improve daily comfort and quality of life.

Are You Highly Sensitive? Discover the Signs!Smell Sensitivity!

For HSPs who are sensitive to smell, deep breathing exercises are supposed to calm the nervous system if you’re exposed to an unpleasant smell.

You can also carry a scent that agrees with you, such as the smell of cookies in the oven, gardenias, chocolate, or cinnamon.

Ensuring good ventilation and maintaining a clean living or work space can reduce the presence of unpleasant smells.

For HSPs who are sensitive to smells, identifying triggers and avoiding exposure at home or when your out and about, can be beneficial.

The helps provide a more comfortable atmosphere for sensitive individuals.

Are You Highly Sensitive? Discover the Signs!Emotional Sensitivity!

What about empaths with emotional sensitivity?

HSPs may be deeply affected by the suffering of others and may need to take extra care to avoid being overwhelmed by other people’s emotions.

It’s good to practice self care and take time to relax and avoid overcommitting by setting boundaries and learning how to kindly say no.

Setting healthy boundaries becomes crucial because it can help prevent emotional overwhelm.

Additionally, engaging in grounding practices, like spending time in nature, helps empaths stay centered when navigating emotional environments.

Seeking support from like-minded individuals, therapists, or life-coaches, can also contribute to balance.

You can also practice meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Are You Highly Sensitive? Discover the Signs!Coping Techniques!

An HSP may excel in writing or even art and music because they have a heightened sense of creativity so it’s good to embrace hobbies or anything thing else that creates joy for you.

It also helps to write in a journal and find a community of like minded people, who are encouraging and appreciative of your perspective.

If you’re an HSP, it’s important to prioritize your own self-care by eating nutrient rich foods, exercising daily, relaxing throughout the day and get enough sleep.

Again, it’s good to set healthy boundaries so you’re not overstimulated or overwhelmed especially in social situations.

When you’re at home, create a calming environment with plants, soft music or maybe an indoor water feature.

Again, practicing mindfulness is a great tool to stay present, in the moment.

If you are an HSP it’s good to seek support if you feel you need it.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional who can provide strategies tailored to you.

Attend workshops or retreats that speak on this subject, or join social groups where you can connect to other HSPs.

Finding a community, connecting with others who share similar experiences, can help you feel supported, and less lonely.

Dr. Elaine Aron says that “The key to being happy as an HSP is to understand and accept your sensitivity, and to learn how to manage it in a way that works for you.

Here are some books you might want to check out!

1. “The Highly Sensitive Person” by Dr. Elaine Aron
2. “The Empath’s Survival Guide” by Dr. Judith Orloff

If you’re a highly sensitive person or know someone that is, you’re in good company! There are many of us out there!

TOPIC: Are You Highly Sensitive? Discover the Signs!


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