Setting Boundaries While Hosting Houseguests!

Do you have houseguests coming to visit? When we have guests visit, our mission is to make sure they’re comfortable so they will have a great visit. Of course, we also want to practice our own self-care. Read more here

Do you have houseguests arriving soon?

When we have guests visit, our mission is to make sure they’re comfortable so they’ll have a great visit.

Of course, you probably do such things as tidying and cleaning your home including the microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator shelves, and appliances.

You can also open the windows to air out the house. says to “let your guests know that you’re happy they’re with you by leaving a small “welcome gift” in their bedroom. A sachet, paperback book, flyers of local attractions at museums or clipping with movie listings at the movie theater are good options. And a pretty vase with fresh flowers is always a welcome gift! Don’t forget a short note to greet them”.

Other Ways to Prepare!

  • Place a stack of fresh clean bath and hand towels in a convenient location
  • Provide extra toilet paper.
  • Make space in the closet with hangers and provide empty drawers.
  • Provide a basket of toiletries such as shaving cream, shampoo, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and blowdryer.
  • Leave bottled water, a clock and tissue on the bedside table, along with a flashlight and remote.
  • Write down the computer wireless password, so guests can connect.
  • Keep a smart charging station in the guest room for guests to charge phones and tablets.
  • Place a non slip rug next to the bed.

Snowbirding Central says that “some planning may be necessary to ensure your guests will have everything they need during their stay. Planning and boundary setting can also help you avoid any issues that could be an inconvenience to you and your daily routine. Discussing things ahead of time helps you learn about your guest’s expectations”.

Watch the video below!

How to Set Houseguest Boundaries!

Again, it’s important to make sure you guests are comfy, and as hosts we also must remember to take care of ourselves by setting healthy boundaries.

Again, boundaries are rules we create for ourselves.

One thing you can do if you suffer from migraines or allergies, is to kindly ask guests to refrain from wearing scented anything, like perfumes, cologne, lotions, and hairsprays. Put some unscented options in the guest basket along with the other toiletries.

If you have a morning fitness routine that includes waking up early, working out, walking the dog, and eating breakfast, let your guests know this.  You can even invite them to join you on the walk, or even encourage them to sleep in!

Do you have houseguests coming to visit? When we have guests visit, our mission is to make sure they’re comfortable so they will have a great visit. Of course, we also want to practice our own self-care. Let guests know that they are free to use your house as home base, if they prefer to engage in solo activities.

Ask, prior to the visit, what restaurants your guests might prefer, and make reservations the whole gang, or if they want to go solo, that’s fine too!

If you don’t want to cook while the guest are there, feel free to cook in advance and freeze.

You can also provide plenty of continental breakfast options, such as bagels, fruit, muffins, and oatmeal, along with coffee, tea and sweeteners.

See if there’s a fun movie streaming that you all can watch and maybe even order a pizza!

It’s ok to go to bed at your normal time, if that’s what you want to do.  Your guests may have their own preferred bedtime.  They can also retire when you do, or invite them to stay up at late as they want.

Not everything needs to be planned and on a schedule, so maybe allow a little spontaneity to make it more enjoyable.

Having guests doesn’t need to be stressful.

Create a pleasant experience for everyone by communicating in advance!

TOPIC: Setting Boundaries While Hosting Houseguests!


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