Boundaries for Home Organization!

Boundaries to Keep Your Home Organized!

Let’s talk about how to keep your home organized!

What condition is your home in at this very moment?

Disheveled perhaps?

If you open a closet door, will an avalanche of clutter come tumbling down on top of your head, or is your house tidy and organized?

Did you know that disorganization and clutter can lead to a feeling of overwhelm?

Why the Clutter?

Is it because you:

🌀 Don’t have a designated storage space for your items?
💢 Shop too much for items you don’t need and have no place to put them?
🌀 Have trouble discarding things because you paid money for them?
💢 Feel guilty letting go of sentimental items?
🌀 Say you have no time to tidy up?

If your home is not orderly, and a clean space is one of your values, it’s important to set some personal space boundaries.

Remember, boundaries are rules we set for ourselves not others, and are useful if you prefer to live in a tidy space!

15 Ways to DeClutter!

  1. Make the bed first thing in the morning!
  2. Whenever you arrive home, hang up your coat and put away your shoes instead of tossing onto a chair or the floor!
  3. After vacation, take a few minutes to unpack immediately and put everything away. 
  4. Make sure the sink is empty before bed time.
  5. When the trash gets full, empty it and immediately replace with a new liner.
  6. When you’re done using something, immediately put it back to where you found it.
  7. When taking off your clothes, hang them up or drop into the hamper or laundry basket.
  8. Get clothes, makeup, jewelry, accessories, and food ready for the next day, the night before.
  9. After putting makeup on, and using the blowdryer, put them away so countertops are empty.
  10. Each time you receive mail, immediately open it and then recycle, shred, file or place in your to-do tray.
  11. Put sunglasses and reading glasses in their designated spots, once they leave your head. 
  12. Keep kitchen countertops uncluttered.
  13. Use the pantry for food and cooking items, toss anything that has expired, and keep it organized.
  14. Every two weeks, place supplements into a two week tray.
  15. Create and assemble meals in advance, and freeze or refrigerate for later.

These examples were meant to create an awareness!

Incorporating tidy habits into your day is a helpful way to practice self-care!

Tidy Surroundings!

Boundaries to Keep Your Home Organized! says “Research shows that tidy spaces—at home and in the office—have a positive impact on mental health and productivity“.

Having a tidy home and office, can decrease insomnia.

It may also increase focus and motivation.

Having a tidy home may reduce anxiety and stress and improve your relationships, and who knows, maybe you’ll finally want to invite people over for a visit.

If your home is untidy, and you feel overwhelmed, start by removing things from the floor and walking them to their proper place.

Additionally, take a couple minutes to hang up clothes strewn across chairs and beds.

You could even create a fun challenge by setting a five minute timer to see how much you can put away!

No Perfect Time!

Boundaries to Keep Your Home Organized!Think about this, a clean space may not be your priority.

Perhaps playing computer games, watching shows, or scrolling and commenting on social media, is more of a priority than having a tidy home.

Don’t use the “I don’t have time” excuse, because time is actually not the issue, the issue again, is that you are not making your home a priority.

In this case, just be honest and own it!

If living in an uncluttered space is the priority, quit overthinking it!

If you are waiting for the perfect time to organize your home, there’s no perfect time.

Stop the excuses, set some boundaries and take action!

The more you practice doing the little things each day, the more it becomes automatic!

A clean space may even create a sense of accomplishment and clear your mind for other creative tasks!

You Get to Decide!

Watch the video below!

Tidying up on the regular takes just minutes a day.

Check out my book on Amazon called “Get it Done! 51 Habits, Routines, Tips, and Tools to Organize Your Life”, which is book three of my four part healthy living series!

I hope this helps create awareness to take that one extra step to put something away, and to consciously decide to create better habits.

Wouldn’t you rather spend 10 – 15 minutes each day putting things into there proper places, instead of spending 24 hours a day thinking about the mess?

If you need help learning about or setting boundaries, download the Beyond Boundaries Blueprint!

TOPIC: Boundaries for Home Organization!


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