Courageously Facing and Working Through Grief!

Courageously Facing and Working Through Grief!

Grief is a natural response to such a significant loss.

Losing a person or a pet, can be one of the most painful experiences we can go through.

The void they leave behind can be overwhelming.

While it’s tempting to push away our pain, acknowledging and working through grief is crucial for healing.

Grief is often something we try make it go away by avoiding it, however doing so just postpones the healing process.

Learning to face grief head-on is challenging, and an important step.

Signs of Avoiding Grief!

Here are some signs that you might be avoiding grief:

😢 Keeping yourself constantly occupied.
😩 Spending more hours at work or working on a project.
😢 Avoiding places that remind are reminders of your loss.
😩 Overeating or drinking too much alcohol.
😢 Being unusually irritated or lashing out in anger.

Avoiding grief doesn’t make it disappear, and can manifest as anxiety, depression, or physical ailments.

Confronting and processing our grief allows us to heal which makes us stronger.

Working through our emotions allows us to find peace while regaining a sense of normalcy, honoring our loss.

Check out my interview with Deborah Edgar, who shares tips for the people who are grieving, as well as loved ones and friends.

Click to listen to podcast 142!

Moving Through Grief!

Here are some ways to move through grief:

✍🏼 Even though it feels scary and uncomfortable, allow yourself to feel your emotions. Try writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal daily. You might even write a letter to the person you’ve lost.

🧠 Sharing your feelings with a friend or a therapist, can help you process your grief. Joining a support group might be helpful as well.

🌼 Establishing a new daily routine can provide a sense of normalcy and promotes self-care. To help you stay grounded, you could start by taking a walk in nature or begin a short meditation practice.

🎨 Dedicate time to creative hobbies such as painting, writing, or playing music. These activities can serve as a healthy outlet for your emotions.

🧘‍♀️ Lean on existing self-care habits and routines, because they can provide a sense of familiarity. If you have a morning workout routine or a certain time you read each day, continue with these activities, as they don’t require much thought.

Grief is a journey and avoiding it can prolong the pain, while facing it can lead to healing.

Moving through your grief takes time and allows for healing.


TOPIC: Courageously Facing and Working Through Grief!


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