Food Safety Tips!

Food Safety Tips!

Eating in restaurants is a great way to socialize with friends, especially when we don’t have to prepare or cook the food ourselves. Yes, it’s loads of fun, but one thing to be mindful about is food safety!

Have you experienced food poisoning?

The Cleveland Clinic says that “According to the CDC, about 48 million people a year experience some type of food poisoning in the United States. Most cases are not serious. However, about 3,000 people a year die from complications related to foodborne illness”.

The Mayo Clinic says that “Symptoms of food poisoning often include upset stomach, diarrhea and vomiting. Symptoms usually start within hours or several days of eating the food. Most people have mild illness and get better without treatment”.

Ways to Stay Safe!

Ways to Stay Safe when Eating In Restaurants!Food Safety News has compiled the most recent inspections per state, of available online restaurant and food establishments inspection records.

Research shows that one thing we want be aware of is the cleanliness of the eating areas and bathrooms. If they look dirty, it might be best to go elsewhere.

Another concern is dirty uniforms, aprons and clothes.

Cook staff should not be wiping hands on their uniforms as it can harbor bacteria and spread to the food.

Did you know that salad bars and buffets are dangerous at the wrong temperature?

Many people touch the food and utensils and bacteria can multiply rapidly.

When ordering from a menu, it’s best to order the more “popular” items on the menu because turnover is high.

Choosing a food item that’s not frequently ordered, could be sitting there for days and may not be fresh.

If you’re considering a doggy bag, know this: The Food Safety and Inspection Service says “Bacteria grow rapidly between the temperatures of 40° F and 140° F. After food is safely cooked, hot food must be kept hot at 140° F or warmer to prevent bacterial growth. Within 2 hours of cooking food or after it is removed from an appliance keeping it warm, leftovers must be refrigerated. Throw away perishable foods that have been left in room temperature for more than 2 hours (1 hour if the temperature is over 90° F, such as at an outdoor picnic during summer).

When we’re out and about, it’s helpful to be aware of these types of things in order to protect ourselves and stay healthy.

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