Why It’s Important To Schedule an Eye Appointment!

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It’s important to talk to your eye doctor about eye health and how often you need an eye exam.

Allaboutvision.com says that “Eye exams are performed by licensed eye doctors (an optometrist or ophthalmologist) and evaluate not only your visual acuity, but also the complete health of your eyes, from front to back including checking for early signs of serious eye problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and detached retina. 

Your eye doctor also can detect early signs of serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and risk of stroke, based on the appearance of delicate blood vessels and other structures within the eye.”

A Wealth of Knowledge!

It’s nice to know that in addition to knowing that your eye doctor is the expert, the technician can be a wealth of knowledge too!

The technician handles the preliminary eyesight testing before you see the doctor.

One time, before my exam took place, the technician asked if I brought my “prescription” reading glasses with me and I said, “YEP, they are right here“.

I pulled out the case and handed them to him.

He walked them over to the Optician.

Watch this silly video to see what happened next.


A little!

When I was growing up, my best friend’s Dad was an Optometrist, and My Mom worked for him for a number of years.

My eyesight was checked frequently.

A refraction test is usually given as part of a routine eye examination to measure the “eyesight for distance“.

The Phoropter contains a series of several sets of lens choices.

With each set of two, you would choose which of the two lenses produced the clearer image.

Based on the answers, the lens power is fine tuned until reaching a final eyeglass prescription.

Normally, when doing a refraction, both choices look similar and it’s hard to tell the difference between the two.

Remember to blink in between each flip, it’ll help tell them apart!

Do you know which eye is dominant?

If not, watch this video about how to find your dominant eye.

I am right eye dominant and was told either one or both of my eyes had 20/15 vision.

I thought 20/20 meant my eyes were perfect, but 20/15 is even better.

It means that the average eyes can see 20 feet and if I could too, it was normal.

20/15 is ever better.

What other eyes can see clearly at 15 feet away, I can see at 20.

Once your vision is gone, it’s gone forever so take care of your eyes and visit your eye doctor yearly!

Your eyes need a health exam just like the rest of your body!

I do have a couple pair of prescription readers, but as you saw in the video above, I also have some OTC (over the counter) readers.

I keep a pair everywhere I can think of, so they are always within reach!

Readers are relatively inexpensive, especially if you purchase them at the dollar store!

When was YOUR last eye appointment?  Leave a comment below.

TOPIC: Why It’s Important To Schedule an Eye Appointment!

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  1. Barbara

    Good info, as usual!!

    • Kim

      Thanks Barbara!

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