10 Signs Your Friend is a Drama Queen!

10 Signs Your Friend is a Drama Queen!

In our journey through various friendships, we all encounter challenging personalities, some more than others.

What about relationships where you start to see early warning signs of “dramatic” behavior?

Perhaps you chose to dismiss the red flags, and before you know it, you find yourself in a friendship with a drama queen.”

A drama queen is a person who often has heightened exaggerated, or overly emotional reactions, to events or situations.

Attention Seeking Behaviors!

10 Signs Your Friend is a Drama Queen!Drama queens bring attention-seeking behaviors into their interactions, making everyday situations feel like a whirlwind of theatrics.

They can turn the smallest events into elaborate performances!

Have you ever experienced a friendship with a drama queen?

Charismatic, colorful, and compelling, these people (and there are drama kings out there too) sweep you up into their personal melodramas.

They need you to help solve some urgent problem. So you do. And then there’s another problem and another until you realize that for these people, problems are a way of life.

They want an audience.

They crave attention, using urgent problems to control you. By responding to their demands, your life becomes hijacked by their daily dramas” according to Psychology Today.

10 Signs of a Drama Queen!

🎭 Meets you once and wants to be your best friend
🎬 Loves to show up late and make a grand entrance
🎭 Exaggerates stories 
🎬 Reacts emotionally to anything and everything
🎭 Constantly focuses on their appearance and others as well
🎬 Initiates conflict / stirs up trouble
🎭 Attempts to manipulate and control others 
🎬 Sucks you into their traumas
🎭 Must always be the center of attention
🎬 Throws tantrums

Being with a drama queen can be downright exhausting, so you need to make sure that you take care of yourself, be guarded, and don’t get sucked into the drama.

Protect Yourself!

10 Signs Your Friend is a Drama Queen!It’s crucial that you protect yourself with set boundaries and follow through on them if the boundary is crossed.

Don’t engage in gossip and just walk away, because if they gossip about others, they will surely gossip about you too!

Be careful sharing personal information with someone who seems just a little too nosy, it’s none of their business and they will share with others.

Avoid asking a drama queen how they’re feeling as they will surely tell you and tell you and tell you.

If your friend asks you to do something and you’re not sure you want to do it, politely tell them you’ll let them know or just say “no”.

Create a habit of staying true to yourself and stop being a people pleaser!

Remember that when your friends bring drama to the friendship, it’s got nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them!

TOPIC: 10 Signs Your Friend is a Drama Queen!

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