7 Ways To Declutter Your Home!

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Do you wander around your house thinking about where all of the stuff came from and why it’s strewn about the house and not put away?

If so, you’re not alone.

How did all the clutter in accumulate in the first place?

Clutter happens when you collect and keep too much stuff, or from not putting your things away in a proper place.

Did you ever move and bring unwanted stuff to be placed in your new home?

For years and years unwanted stuff sits untouched in the new house or garage!

In addition to your old stuff, there’s new stuff and it’s unmanageable!

Many people never create a place for their stuff, and bad habits keep items on the floor, a table, or tossed in a closet to hide it.

Your stuff hides from plain sight, but can’t hide from your mind!

As clutter starts building, so does anxiety. “An average room has over 2,000 visible objects, particularly the office, or computer area that we tend to spend the most time in: emailing, browsing online, and children doing homework” according to Nourishing MinimalismThe more you acquire, the more clutter there is.

This is why decluttering and giving your items a “designated storage spot” is crucial.

Ever heard of “a place for everything and everything in it’s place“!

People don’t put things away because they are in a hurry, constant distractions, don’t know where the item goes, too tired, lazy, or someone else will do it.

Here are 7 ways to declutter your home:

  1. Give away, sell, or donate anything that will not be used.
  2. Assign a designated storage spot to all items.
  3. For the stuff you keep, order air tight containers, lazy Susans, organizers, hooks, etc. to help organize.
  4. Place everything in your new designated storage spot.
  5. Leave the island and countertops uncluttered. Just because it’s a flat empty space, doesn’t mean you need to fill it with stuff.
  6. Put items away immediately after using them where you will readily find them next time. It may take a couple of extra minutes to put items into the designated storage spot, but it saves so much time down the line.
  7. Keep appliances on countertops only if you use them more than a couple of times a week, otherwise keep them in a cabinet. 

Empty and uncluttered areas make the room look larger and uncluttered.

Remember “less is more“!

Keeping the areas in your home decluttered daily, is a good habit to start and a great way to practice self-care!

Do you need to declutter your home?

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TOPIC: 7 Ways To Declutter Your Home!

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