Compatibility in Relationships!

Compatibility in Relationships!

So what’s compatibility?

Compatibility allows individuals to feel understood, accepted, and valued!

It’s about how well two people get along and mesh together in terms of personalities, interests, and values.

In the beginning of a relationship, we often observe both appealing and maybe not so appealing aspects of another person.

As we engage in conversation, we determine whether they are like minded and align with us.

If they don’t seem to share the same mindset, a common error is to ignore reality and believe that these individuals can alter themselves to meet our expectations.

It’s important to consider when you’re compatible and when you’re not.

You know you’re compatible when connections feel effortless, where conversations flow naturally, and time flies when you’re together.

However, if you feel unenthusiastic prior to your meetup, and find yourself scrutinizing conversation topics and exit plans, that speaks volumes and may suggest a lack of natural compatibility in the relationship.

Without compatibility, relationships may struggle.

Wishing and Hoping!

It’s unrealistic to hope that people will change. How would you feel if someone expected you to change?

Let’s look at what expecting someone to change, might look like.

🩵 Imagine you have a friend who loves socializing in groups at happy hour, but you don’t drink and actually prefer one on one daytime activities and meaningful conversations. You quietly hope they’ll gravitate towards one-on-one daytime activities and want to engage with you for more meaningful conversations instead.

🩷 Maybe your sibling likes to gossip every time you get together. You wish, they would keep it to themselves, and that they’d talk about other things.

💜 Perhaps you have a neighbor who constantly talks or brags about themselves and rarely asks about you. You wish they would show interest in your activities, but it’s the same interaction each time.

💙 Let’s say you have an acquaintance who likes to get together with you often, but all they do is complain. You hope that maybe this will change, but it’s not likely.

Spending time with people who seem incompatible, can lead to resentment and realistically, in these types of situations, people are not going to transform to perfectly align with you.

Wishing and hoping and expecting others to change to fit our preferences can lead to frustration.

Do you Want to Pursue?

Before deciding if you’d like to pursue a long lasting connection, ask yourself some questions:
🤨 How do I feel knowing they won’t change?
🧐 Can I envision future encounters without expecting changes?
🧐 Do I want to invest more time with this person exactly as they are?
🤨 Would I rather refocus my energy on someone who seems more compatible?
🧐 Am I willing to tolerate incompatibility to avoid loneliness?

If you want to continue a relationship with someone, you must accept people as they are, without expecting them to change. It’s called facing reality.

If interactions with certain individuals prove challenging, it might be beneficial to minimize your time spent together or contemplate parting ways.

This enables you to concentrate on fostering intentional, healthy relationships with individuals who are easier for you to feel comfortable around.

Not Everyone is Your Cup of Tea!

Not Everyone is your Cup of Tea!Just know that not everyone is your cup of tea.

Even if people are kind, thoughtful, generous, and do good deeds, a lack of compatibility can cause dissatisfaction in relationships.

You simply may not be a good match, and that’s OK.

Do you have a few compatible, like-minded, joyful, and effortless relationships, or do you feel stuck where you spend a lot of precious time wishing they’d show up differently?

Yes, you can appreciate different perspectives and personalities, and accept people just as they are, but it doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to spend time with them if they don’t align with your preferences.

It’s about setting boundaries and prioritizing your own well-being in relationships.

Life is more meaningful, and less stressful, if you hang around people who you’re truly compatible with!

Something to ponder, right?

TOPIC: Compatibility in Relationships!


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