30 Ways to Create Comfort in your Daily Life!

30 Ways to Create Comfort in your Daily Life!

Comfort is defined as “a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint”.

When we were babies and sought comfort, we cried and screamed, and bottles or pacifiers made us feel better.

Growing a little older, we skinned our knees and cried, and Mom provided comfort with a bandage and kissed our booboos.

As adults, sometimes there’s no one nearby to kiss our booboos, so we must find other sources of comfort.

PsychCentral says that “Self-comfort is important for emotional well-being and can be implemented easily by developing a few skills. Comforting yourself can help you cope with stressful situations and life challenges. Practicing self-soothing and comforting techniques can also help you manage stress levels and boost your emotional health”.

To see some ideas of comfort and gratitude, watch the video here:

My Comfort List

Here’s a recap.  You may borrow some of mine and create a list for yourself!

  1. Daily morning routine
  2. Soft music
  3. Sofa blanket
  4. A good hug
  5. Petting my animals
  6. Watching a show and having dinner with my hubby
  7. Going for a walk
  8. My purring kitty
  9. Having the window open, listening to the rain in my comfy bed
  10. Ceiling fan
  11. Smelling gardenias, I think of my Mom
  12. Wearing sunglasses, or at least having them with me
  13. When my husband arrive home safely
  14. A good report from the vet
  15. Healing stones
  16. Sipping Dandelion Tea
  17. Comfy Shoes
  18. Fleece Tops
  19. A sweet text or phone call
  20. Seeing friends
  21. Reading a book
  22. Writing thoughts or a blog post
  23. Listening to a podcast
  24. Receiving a hand written greeting card in the mail
  25. Fresh roses
  26. Online puzzles
  27. Candles
  28. Morning Oats
  29. Hot shower
  30. Nightly snack of chia pudding and cashew butter

Refer to the List!30 Ways to Create Comfort in your Daily Life!

A few years ago, I made a list of 50 things that created immediate joy.

When I’d get stuck in my head or in a thought loop about something unpleasant, I pulled out the list and referred to it often.

It made me feel so much better.

Getting thoughts out of our heads and onto paper or writing what were grateful for into a journal is a great way to comfort ourselves.

Listen to the Focus Your Time Podcast episode #51 about the benefits of journaling.

Having ways to provide that needed comfort, makes us able to think more clearly, and we’re less likely to feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on around us.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, ask yourself what you can do make yourself more comfortable?

If you can’t think of anything, refer to your list!

Comfort can also be created by setting boundaries.

If you’re not sure what boundaries are or how to set them, please download the Beyond Boundaries Blueprint.  It’s free for a limited time!


TOPIC: 30 Ways to Create Comfort in your Daily Life!


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