Beyond Boundaries Coaching

An important part of self-care and healthy living, is taking care of our emotions and minds with the same diligence we take care of our bodies!

The mind body connection is important, that’s why a poor mindset, consuming junk food, drugs and alcohol, and lack of exercise, greatly impacts well-being and can manifest into disease.

Many want a healthy mind and body, yet they’re unable to plunge forward because they lack personal boundaries and stay stuck in worry, overwhelm, and confusion.

They spend time:

  • Controlling or judging others 
  • Wasting time on social media
  • Focusing on what they don’t have and don’t want
  • Eating unhealthy food
  • Filling calendars with unnecessary events
  • Keeping busy to avoid emotions
  • Living and working in cluttered spaces
  • Showing up as victims, blaming others, and making excuses

Coaching provides a safe environment to show you your mind, behavior and results, where there’s potential for awareness to surface.

I offer a supportive space, and don’t give advice, or administer therapy.

I’ll ask questions to help define your vision, and use tools and processes to guide you to discover what’s possible.

The Value I Received From Coaching!

Before Coaching...

Once upon a time, I hired a life coach to help me sort through thoughts that weren’t serving me, which kept me stuck in my head.

My life has always been centered around health and wellness; however, I struggled in the area of mindset and lacked personal boundaries!

I had fears, worries, and felt anxious about illness, what people thought of me, and anything else my brain could imagine.

These feelings were caused by thoughts, beliefs and stories I carried with me for years, which caused needlessly suffering, and kept me disempowered and stuck.


After Coaching...

Now, I proudly wear a badge of honor when I reveal that I don’t drink alcohol or eat sugar.

As an added bonus, I’m also a happy vegetarian!

Instead of people judging me, they seem to be inspired and want to know more about the story behind it.

Before Coaching...

Speaking of socializing, have you ever been invited to a social function that you had no desire to attend?

Me too, and instead of graciously declining, this people pleaser had the habit of immediately saying “yes”.

I committed without taking time to respond thoughtfully.

At the time, I couldn’t say “no” because I wanted to be liked.

However, the closer it came to the actual event date, the more stressed I got.

Many times I canceled at the last minute, or attended and felt miserable or resentful.

Either way sucked!


After Coaching...

Now that I know how to set boundaries, if someone asks me to do something, and I don’t want to participate, I kindly decline.

If I’m not sure, I ask for the details so I can respond later.

It’s very much appreciated and it seems people still like me even if I do decline.

Before Coaching...

Not wanting to rock the boat with friends or family, I avoided conflict like the plague.

Usually, if something bothered me, I kept quiet and then later (in my head) I would play out what I should have said, which left me frustrated.

If an important conversation needed to happen, I’d spend precious time worrying about how to approach a subject, or what the reaction might be.

This kept me from engaging in honest conversations and my brain worked overtime trying to control the outcome before I even had the conversation.


After Coaching...

If a conversation is needed, I speak up.

I have more confidence now and realize I can’t plan the outcome in advance.

It’s OK to be uncomfortable, because that’s when growth happens!

It doesn’t matter if another person reacts positively or negatively, as we are not responsible for others’ thoughts or emotions.

People get to think and feel however they want.

Sometimes the only way to resolve issues is through difficult conversations, and strong boundaries!

My Life Has Changed In Many Ways

Through the power of coaching and "firm" boundaries, I’ve learned to put my own self-care first, which allows me to show up authentically.

Here are a few changes I’ve made in my life and I can help you too.

  • I worry less about things I have no control over
  • The words “should” and “shouldn’t” are only a minimal part of my vocabulary now
  • I allow people to be themselves without trying to change them
  • I’m more confident engaging in difficult conversations
  • I proudly brag that for many years, I’m a sugar-free, alcohol-free, vegetarian
  • I’m able to say “no” without guilt
  • I accept that not everyone likes me, and that’s OK
  • I’m responsible for my own thoughts, feelings, and happiness
  • I’ve created deeper and more meaningful friendships
  • I’m more picky about who I spend time with
  • I people please less now, and practice only saying “yes” to things I genuinely want to do

The Answers are Inside of You!

We coaches don’t have the answers to your problems, because the answers are already within you.

We look at your current thoughts and behaviors that impact the present, and help you define what you want your future to look like.

Before entering into a coaching relationship it’s important to talk about your vision during a discovery call.

I’ll ask a few questions that evoke insight and we’ll go from there.

We’ll discuss where you are, where you want to be and how I can guide you there.

Coaching can help with communication skills, improved self-confidence and more meaningful relationships.

You may also gain new perspectives, have a heightened sense of self-awareness and decreased amount of stress and worry!

Through self-awareness and conscious effort, you can change your perspective to be more flexible.


I motivate clients to:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Manage thoughts on anxiety, worry, stress, and judgement
  • Create meaningful relationships
  • Quit people pleasing
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Get off the fence and make decisions
  • Practice self-care and avoid controlling others
  • Complain less and focus on solutions

The Beyond Boundaries Coaching Package Includes:

  • One 120 minute session via Zoom or in person
  • Voxer access in between sessions
  • One 30 minute follow up session via Zoom or in person – two weeks after initial session
  • Personalized exercises to expand self awareness
  • Helpful tools you can implement right away

If you’re feeling stuck and ready to create real changes, let’s chat!