Clean Up Your Thinking With A Daily Brain Dump!

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Do you have thoughts swirling through your head that keep you awake at night and frustrated?

Are your thoughts causing unwanted anxiety?

It might be time to start focusing more on exactly “what” you are thinking and why.

This is why you may want to consider performing a daily brain dump.


What’s a Brain Dump?

Clean Up Your Thinking With A Daily Brain Dump!A thought download or “brain dump”, gets everything out of your head and onto paper, or into your favorite journal app.

I complete a brain dump daily using a journal app called DayOne, which has the ability to sync and password protect Apple devices with ready made templates, or you can create your own.

For instance, check out three brain dump templates that I created:

✮ “Accomplishments” lists daily accomplishments and includes space for thought downloads.
✳ “Gratitude” lists 5 things to be grateful for.
✮ “Morning thoughts” asks the brain positive questions.

Doing a daily brain dump is a great way to clean up your thinking because the app organizes by calendar day therefore you can look back and view your thoughts anytime.

You can review the thoughts that don’t serve you and most importantly you’ll be able to practice thinking better thoughts.

Train Your Brain Where to Focus!

Clean Up Your Thinking With A Daily Brain Dump!Yes, you can actually train your brain on what to focus on, by asking your brain good questions.

Your brain likes to answer questions.

Asking your brain positive questions will get better answers, asking negative questions will produce negative thinking.

As a result, thinking better thoughts may improve sleep, reduce stress, keep you calmer, and will allow you to feel less anxious.

In conclusion, thinking better thoughts will create a happier life!

TOPIC: Clean Up Your Thinking With A Daily Brain Dump!



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