Why Setting Boundaries is Important!

puppets being controlled like a person with no boundaries

Byron Katie says that there are “3 types of business, your business, my business and God’s business”.

Words to live by…

There are people out there, such as your spouse, parent, boss or friend, who have a habit of trying to control others.

They get in your business, micromanage how you act and what you say, and it’s difficult to be yourself whenever you are in their presence.

It appears they’ve never heard of “boundaries”.

Why do people control others?

People control others because they might be insecure and want to feel better about themselves.

They may also suffer from anxiety and can be critical, moody, blame you for things, and create a lot of drama.

Set Healthy Boundaries!

If you are on the receiving end of a controlling personality, it can be downright exhausting.

That’s why it’s important to take the power back and create a habit of setting healthy boundaries.

Boundaries are a way of protecting ourselves, not something we create for others.

When you set a boundary, you make a request and then follow up with a consequence when your request is not honored.

Politely say “no thank you” to activities that you have no desire to do, regardless of how you think another person will respond.

Boundaries communicate to others that we have self-respect, and will not allow others to compromise who we are.

Boundaries are the key to self-love and treating others with loving kindness” according to Brene Brown.

The Book, The Joy of Being Selfish says that “The most important thing to remember is that if a person respects you, they will respect your boundary even if it is inconvenient for them. The silver lining is that once you get used to setting boundaries, these people will automatically leave your life. It isn’t fun for them when you aren’t of service to them or they can’t manipulate you to do what they want. They do not have to agree with your boundary in order for you to enforce it“.

People have different and sometimes difficult personalities and setting boundaries takes practice, but the more you do it the happier you will feel.

Watch this helpful video below!

If you’re a person who attempts to control others, do some thought work and be curious as to why.

Perhaps you’re avoiding something in your own life, or have nothing else to concentrate on.

Try being productive, or using your imagination to brainstorm new ideas that create satisfaction.

TOPIC: Why Setting Boundaries is Important!

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