Create New Friendships by Joining A Book Club!

Looking for a new way to create new friendships?

Join a book club with other like minded people!

Book clubs allow us to get to know each other better and feel connected.

There are many versions of book clubs out there:

Some book clubs:

  • Disguise themselves book clubs, but it’s just basically another way to socialize 
  • Actually read the book and have discussions
  • Requires you each read a different book, and talk about why you liked your book
  • Meet in person or virtually (whatever feels comfortable for you)

If you can’t locate a book club that fits your needs, maybe you can start your own!

Decide what kinds of books you want to discuss and start inviting people.

You can meet in a person’s home or even a bookstore, library or coffee shop!

Or, if you want to take the “everyone read a different book” route, you could choose a theme like self-help, romance, health, mysteries, or biographies.

There are so many possibilities!

You decide what feels right to you!

If you’re not part of a book club yet, reading is still a good habit so keep reading until you find that perfect book club!

Do you belong to a book club?

If so, what kinds of books do you read and discuss?

Please leave a comment.

TOPIC: Create New Friendships by Joining A Book Club!

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