Dog Boarding Tips!

Dog Boarding Tips!

Dog boarding is scary, especially if when it’s the first time you’ve ever boarded your dog.

There are times when we must be away from home, so it’s crucial to find a place that’s comfortable for us and our dog.

Being away can evoke anxiety for both the dogs and parents, so it’s important to find a trusted place.

Ask people you know for recommendations.

If you do get a referral, make sure that you visit their website and study it thoroughly.

Playing with dogs is a “fun” part of the job, but when 24 hour care is being provided it becomes about what can go wrong and how emergencies are handled.

Some find it important to leave their dogs with people who’ve worked in the vet, grooming or boarding fields, who are knowledgeable with many breeds or at least your specific breed.

Questions to Ask!

There are questions you may want to ask via email or on the phone before visiting a boarding place in person for the first time:

🐕 How qualified are the people who are going to be caring for your dog?
🐩 Are they in business because they like dogs and find it “fun” work?
🐕 In an emergency, will they provide vet care? If not, where will your dog be taken?
🐩 In a non emergency medical situation, can the dog be taken to your specific vet?
🐕 How much experience do they have as a boarder, and what’s their background?
🐩 Is the property completely fenced and is the fence compromised in any way?
🐕 Is the staff planning on taking your pet outside of the securely fenced property? If so, how will they keep your pet safe?
🐩 Since not all dogs get along, will they be kenneled with other dogs or will they be in a separate space?
🐕 Do the place take in all sized animals?
🐩 Will your dog be alone or hanging out in a pack?
🐕 Do they allow us to bring our own pet food, treats, supplements, and medications?
🐩 Do they charge extra to administer medications?
🐕 Will your dog be in an open area with cages and crates?
🐩 Do they cater to disabled dogs?
🐕 Are you allowed to bring your own dog beds, toys and bowls?
🐩 Are proof of current vaccinations required before a dog can be boarded?

 Visit the Facility!

Are you Comfortable Boarding Your Dog?If you got the answers you’re looking for, it’s best to visit the location with your dog, to meet the owner in person, and to tour the facility.

Study the environment and ask more questions to verify there are no dangers your dog will be exposed to.

The American Kennel Club advises us to do our due diligence. “If you’re looking at a commercial dog boarding kennel, find out if they are certified or members of a professional organization. If you’re interviewing an individual, find out how long the person has been dog sitting and how many repeat customers they’ve had. Also, check a few references”.

If you feel comfortable after your visit, great!

Some dogs suffer with severe separation anxiety, fragile health, or behavioral issues, and may prefer to be in their own home environment.

In this case, a boarding place may not be the right fit for your dog.

You may be more comfortable with an in-home pet sitter.

If this is the route you are thinking about choosing, ask for referrals from people you know.

It is important to put your dog’s needs first as you study these options, so you will find what’s best for them.

TOPIC: Dog Boarding Tips!


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