Planning for Best Case Scenarios!

Planning for Best Case Scenarios!

Have you ever encountered someone, who no matter what the situation was, they always planned for the worst case scenario?

Psychology Today says “It’s normal to have negative thoughts, no matter how extreme they might be at times. It’s part of our evolution to constantly scan our environment, looking for problems to fix. The problem is not so much that we have negative thoughts—rather, the issues arise when we believe our thoughts are true, and when they turn into a worst-case scenario that makes us feel even more anxious”.

Have you ever had an upcoming appointment or event where you found yourself anticipating a negative outcome from the start?

When you believe those thoughts and gravitate towards worst-case scenarios, it can trigger a series of negative impacts.

Our minds, try to prepare for potential dangers and release stress hormones like cortisol.

The stress response can cause anxiety, disrupt sleep, and lead to physical health issues.

Sometimes we tend to fixate on worst case scenarios in order to be cautious and to prepare for potential threats, which hinders our ability to enjoy the present.

Best Possible Outcomes!

Search for the Best Possible Outcomes!I am the kind of a person who looks for the best case scenario in most situations, which is something I think I learned from my dad.

Back in December, I went to get a blood draw in a place I hadn’t been before, followed by an appointment at the dermatologist and felt a little nervous.

I constantly practice manifesting positive outcomes and plan for best case scenarios, and I intentionally don’t focus my attention on these types of appointments until the day of.

I could’ve spent weeks worrying and losing sleep over what could happen, but chose to focus my attention on upcoming holiday gatherings, and Christmas movies instead.

Before the appointments, I admitted to my hubby that I was a little anxious, and that I imagined and intentionally planned a positive outcome, and even journaled about it.

My appointments went well, and I had the positive outcome, I planned for!

Angels Advocate!

Do You Play Angels Advocate?I recently listened to an excellent podcast that Tonya Leigh did, about finding the best case scenarios and it was so good.

She spoke about the power of picturing the best possible outcomes, and how it helps us shape our future, which was validating because it’s what I normally do.

She said that Instead of playing devils advocate and focusing on worst case scenarios, challenged us to instead play angel’s advocate, by focusing on best-case scenarios.

An angel’s advocate is someone who sees what’s good about an idea and supports it.

I really love the term ‘Angels Advocate’.

After thinking about this, I wanted to share some helpful tips, especially if you naturally plan for worst case scenarios.

Shifting Your Mindset!

So, here are three ways to practice shifting your mindset, adopting an optimistic approach, and planning for the best outcome:

🤔 Be aware of and recognize your negative thought patterns, and that your current perspective is just a habit, which of course like other habits, can be changed.

🤔Challenge those negative thoughts and question their validity, and ask yourself if there’s any evidence supporting these thoughts or if they’re just assumptions, because many times they’re based on fears or past experiences that may not be relevant.

🧐 Set an intention, journal, and visualize positive outcomes and anticipate favorable results, instead of failure.

What I like to do is plan the event in my head, and all the details leading up to the event, how the drive is going to be, what the people are going to be like, how long it’s going to take.

I do this every time and for the most part, and have positive outcomes!

It’s actually fun to create an entire plan beforehand.

Try it for yourself!

Expect Positive Outcomes!

Expect Positive Outcomes!Planning for the best, and intentionally manifesting positive outcomes, can significantly improve well-being.

When we expect success and concentrate on positive outcomes, our brains release dopamine and endorphins, creating happiness and fulfillment.

Believing that good things can happen is a mindset that empowers us to navigate challenges more effectively.

Playing angel’s advocate and planning for good things to happen is empowering!

It alleviates stress, enhances our mental and physical health, and impacts our overall well being.

Charting a course for success fills each of our days with drive and purpose.


TOPIC: Planning for Best Case Scenarios!


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