Aquatic Therapy Might Be Key in Rehabilitating Your Dog!

Lady walking dog in park

We love to exercise and many of us look forward to a daily walk (or two) with our dogs!

It seems that most dogs love to take walks.

I know ours do!

What happens if your dog is injured or has Arthritis and can’t get around very well?

Our dogs are family members and we would do anything possible to help them feel better.

Have you heard of Canine Aquatic Therapy?

Canine Aquatic Therapy is often used to treat conditions such as Arthritis, muscle stiffness, muscle atrophy, spinal injuries, hip dysplasia and paralysis.

It can lessen pain, strengthen muscles, and enhance or restore mobility. 

For dogs that are paralyzed, the water is the best way to get them walking again because the buoyancy of the water helps support them.

The regular patterning of a treadmill gets their feet moving at the correct rhythm.

Check out the video below:

What an exciting method for rehabilitating dogs!

Oh, gotta love the peanut butter on the glass because it’s not only cute, but it helps create a positive experience.

Our dogs go crazy for peanut butter, just like their Mommy!

Has your dog ever used aquatic therapy?  Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Aquatic Therapy Might Be Key in Rehabilitating Your Dog!


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