Why Drinking Alcohol Is Not Healthy!

2 glasses of wine with slash through it

I was watching a fabulous Brain Warriors Way video with Daniel and Tana Amen and they spoke about why alcohol is bad for you.

They mentioned that there was something good about alcohol, it’s a great antiseptic!

In the video below, Dr. Amen explains why drinking alcohol is not healthy.

  1. Alcohol is related to 7 different kinds of cancer including mouth cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer!
  2. Alcohol is associated with premature aging in your brain.
  3. Drinking Alcohol makes you more likely to say something that will hurt people’s feelings. You brain has a memory, so when you say terrible things, a person could remember it the rest of their life.
  4. Drinking alcohol increases cravings for food so you actually eat way more calories than you should, which can cause weight gain.

See more on the video here:

Why drink alcohol if we know it’s not good for us?

Many people drink alcohol because they suffer from social anxiety and use alcohol to mask feelings.

Some like the buzz and feeling more relaxed, and some like the taste!

If It feels impossible to stop, you may want to start by asking your doctor what to do.

They may refer you to a therapist or recommend an AA meeting to attend.

If it’s more serious, they may suggest a detox clinic. Again, check with your doctor!

Is there an alternative to drinking alcohol?

Tana Amen had a great idea. Instead of drinking alcohol, use a pretty container to serve water in.

Water might not sound very exciting, but you can make it more lively and beautiful by adding cranberries and blueberries!

Class it up and serve your new creation in wine glasses.

Great idea!

If you don’t like water, how about hot or cold tea?

My favorite daily tea is Dandelion Tea.

What is your non-alcoholic drink of choice? 

Please leave a comment!!

TOPIC: Why Drinking Alcohol Is Not Healthy!

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