9 Reasons To Keep Working Out!

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Recently, I received a letter from Bonnie who mentioned that she had surgery and had been doing physical therapy. She’s now working out at the gym and wanted to know, “how to stay motivated”.

First of all, everyone is different!

I have a routine of daily exercise, eating nutritious foods, and sleeping well, which keeps me feeling healthy most days!

Here’s what keeps me motivated:

  1. I feel great
  2. My clothes fit
  3. I can sleep at night
  4. I’m full of energy
  5. My brain is engaged
  6. It gets me away from my desk
  7. My weight stays low
  8. Keeps depression away
  9. I feel happy

Watch the video below:

Maybe you could focus on the fact that you get to spend an hour (or however long you are there) on only you!

Bring headphones and listen to uplifting music or an audio book.

Feel good knowing that what you are doing could help you live a long and healthy life.

For those days that I don’t want to workout, I do it anyway, because I know my body will be grateful.

It might take a couple of months to get into the swing of it, but you have to learn to develop the habit of going, even if it’s at different times of the day.

We have a daily routine of working out at 6 AM.

For me, it’s all about the routine!

What kind of workout are you doing now?

If it’s not motivating, maybe you can mix it up a little and make it fun for yourself by added some variety to your workouts.

There are so many choices such as weights, cardio machines or classes.  Pick whichever one you like the most!

Going to the gym might enable you to make new workout friends, which is great motivation to keep going!

We Met at a Health Club!

I was lucky enough to meet my hubby at a health club too!

We are both life-long exercise enthusiasts!

We are fortunate now to own a home gym, although he still works out at a health club.

Like millions of other people, your New Years resolution might be to lose weight or join a health club.

If you are thinking about joining a health club, there are several questions you might consider asking.

I’ve compiled some of the questions that we’ve asked throughout the years.

It’s important to ask questions “before” joining so there are no surprises down the line.

Feel free to download and print the “health club questions” list and take along with you before joining.

What questions would you ask before joining a health club? 

Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: 9 Reasons To Keep Working Out!

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